100-Year-Old Grandpa Becomes ‘Best Friends’ With Adorable Kitten


Some people get presents on their birthday. Or parties. Maybe a nice trip somewhere or some new clothes. But on Manuel’s 100th birthday, he got a brand new life.This new life was the life of a cat dad.And Manuel, who lives in Spain with his family including his granddaughter Maria Suarez, was overjoyed to receive this surprise new life.

Manuel’s family decided to throw the centenarian a birthday celebration complete with a cake.They also had a special surprise for grandpa.
The family came across a little kitten who was in need of a home, so they adopted the kitty, named her Bloom, and decided she would make the perfect new companion for grandpa. Manuel was caught by total surprise.

“My grandfather did not know anything about this,” Maria told The Dodo. “When he saw her enter my house for the first time, his eyes lit up with emotion. He has always been a great lover of animals.”

Manuel and Bloom immediately fell in love.
The sheer joy that radiates from Manuel when he sees the teeny tiny cat tiptoeing alongside him or causing a little mischief by stealing one of his playing cards is true beauty.

“My grandfather is 100 years old, and the kitten has given him another 100 years of life,” Maria said. “He is always attentive to Bloom. They spend all day playing, and even take naps together.”

Maria started documenting grandpa and Bloom’s interactions together and posted them on TikTok where people got a kick out of it.

A compilation video of Manuel and his cat has been liked more than 531,000 times on TikTok.
“It has been incredible, all the love and affection that the video has received,” Maria said. “I did not expect it to go so far.”

Maria was extremely impressed by all the attention Manuel and Bloom were getting on the internet.

Maria has an active TikTok page with 3.8 million likes and 97,4000 followers where she talks about beauty, fitness, fashion, and other stuff.

But grandpa’s video is probably one of her highest viewed. Manuel, however, didn’t seem too phased by his newfound internet stardom. He really doesn’t care about what’s going on on the internet. He’s more interested in real life and enjoying his time with his kitty cat.

The friendship that has grown between this 100-year-old and little kitten is soulmate level.

“It has been a gift to see my grandfather so happy with his new pet,” Maria said. “From minute one, they’ve had a special connection.”

More than 5,736 people commented on the post.

“Love her playing with the cards and the walker wheel! God bless both of them!” said on TikToker.

“This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time,” said another, according to Google Translate.

“I just fell in love… the connection they have is undeniable,” and another.

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