11-year-old’s smokey voice has all judges turning chairs


Listening to tons of aspiring artists and vocalists isn’t easy, particularly if you’re a judge of a very popular show. You need to make sure you’re able to say yes to the right people and give constructive criticisms whenever they’re needed.The judges of Germany’s The Voice Kids were in luck when 11-year-old girl Georgia stepped on stage.

They didn’t have to wait a long time to realize that she’s more than deserving to go on the next round. In fact, it only took them seconds to decide.At first glance, you’d see nothing extraordinary about the little girl.She was wearing her hair down while holding the mic tightly in her hands.

It was hard to tell if she was nervous at that point. The obvious thing was that she looked ready to conquer the stage and win the competition.

As soon as she opened her mouth and sang the first few lines of her song, everyone was left speechless.

Even the judges felt goosebumps listening to her. People in the audience were equally amazed. They were all shocked how such a powerful voice was coming out of a little girl’s mouth.

One by one, the judges started turning chairs for her.

This sent her family into tears. Even her younger brother couldn’t hold in his emotions. He was wiping his eyes as his big sister conquered the stage.

And as the cameras went around, you’d see people in the audience wiping their tears as well. Clearly, they were moved by the little girl’s voice and her delivery of the song.

Online, her performance has been viewed nearly 2 million times. With that number alone, you can easily tell how impressive her performance was. Not everyone who performed on The Voice’s stage can do that.

Georgia’s song of choice isn’t something most kids her age would pick.

Considered a traditional folk song, The House of The Rising Sun narrates the story of a person whose life went wrong while in New Orleans. It was performed by various artists and each of them was able to give their own touch.

The most successful version released commercially was that of The Animals, a British rock band. Their rendition was able to hit the number one spot not just in the UK Singles Chart but also in Canada and the US.

There was no arguing among the judges.

All of them agreed that Georgia delivered a perfect performance. Apart from how she was able to deliver such a challenging song at her age, they were also amazed by how good she is at controlling her rich and beautiful voice. It’s no wonder why all of them wanted to be her coach and guide her for the rest of the competition.

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