14-year-old went inside restaurant bathroom to give birth then hands her baby to a customer

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Not everyone is ready to be a mother.Most of these women are those that got pregnant at a very young age. An unplanned pregnancy can be very emotionally and mentally draining for a woman, and while abortion is legal in most states, there is still a taboo to it. That’s why a lot of women still choose to give birth to their children.

However, once the child is born, the new mother is faced with another problem.Caring and rearing for a child a no easy feat. Plus, it can be pretty costly with diapers, milk, and regular check-ups. That’s why we shouldn’t be quick to judge when a mother gives up her child at birth.

A 14-year-old woman had this same predicament but alarmingly left her child.

El Patron Restaurant’s owner Frankie Aguilar said that this woman went inside the restaurant on a Wednesday afternoon carrying a newborn baby. She looked desperate and was asking the customers and staff for help.

She told the people in the restaurant that she ‘found the newborn baby.’

The baby’s umbilical cord was still attached, and it seemed like it had difficulty in breathing. A customer and trained in CPR, Alease Scott, asked the woman if she could check the baby’s vitals.

The woman instantly handed over the baby, and when all the attention was on the baby, she quickly walked out of the restaurant.

Alarmed with the situation, the restaurant staff called the police for help.

Help arrived in a few minutes as the police came with an oxygen tank and other medical gear. They attached the oxygen mask to the baby, which gave them instant relief. The baby cried, moved, opened, and closed their eyes. The baby started suckling the mask, signaling that they were hungry.

Alease’s boyfriend, Walter Cocca, captured this with his camera along with the camera’s security cams.

Alease told 6abc Philadelphia that she was just happy she was there – at the right place and at the right time. She was glad that she could help and that the baby was safe.

Authorities found the 14-year-old woman and detained her for a short while.

They took her to Jersey City Medical Hospital to make sure she was okay. She did not face any charges, and the newborn baby was put up for adoption.

The state also reminded its citizens of its Safe Haven Law.

This law allows parents to relinquish their rights to their newborn children and leave them in safe establishments indicated by the law. These are primarily hospitals, police stations, and fire stations. The law was made so that parents can leave babies in safer places rather than anywhere that could be harmful to the child.

With this law, the parent waives any parental rights to the child.

The child can then be taken to a shelter and put up in foster care or adoption. The parent would remain unknown, and the only record that links the mother to the child is a number or code, usually written on a child’s hospital band.

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