15 Teens Who Went Vintage For Prom By Rocking Their Mom’s Old Dress


Prom night is an important event, especially for girls.One of the most important parts of going to prom is dressing up. Some students spend a long time thinking about what they are going to wear. Others even convince their parents to spend a fortune to get the best dresses in town.But these teens decided to go vintage by wearing their moms’ prom dresses.

It just goes to show that some things never go out of style!Check out these 15 teens who went old school:

1. It really held up!

These pictures are 32 years apart. This dress seriously held up.Sure, she’s not going to fit in exactly with her peers – but that’s what makes a prom dress more interesting and unique!We love it.

2. Back in style

Peplum dresses were a hit back in the 80s.

A few decades later, it’s back and this lovely girl is rocking and enjoying her mom’s satin peplum dress.

Too bad she skipped the gloves – those really completed the look!

3. A lovely satin dress

This classic red dress is from 1980. It’s definitely one of my favorite hand-me-down prom dresses from this list.

It doesn’t have a lot of details or intricate designs, but it’s totally eye-catching.

4. The spirit of the ’80s

This dress clearly has the spirit of the 80s. It’s colorful, fun, and cool.

Both of them look gorgeous in it – and it’s the ultimate in retro fun!

5. Through the years

This dress was first worn in 1962. The last time was in 2013.

I’m excited to see who wears it next in the family.

6. A prom dress with a history

After the dress she ordered online didn’t match her expectations, she went to her mom’s closet.

She found this dress and got it altered to fit her.

7. Classics forever

This dress is on the spot. It’s simple but really stylish. Even after 25 years, it still looks nice as a prom dress.

8. A family affair

The dress isn’t the only thing that looks the same in this photo. These ladies also look like twins.

We love that even little sis got in on the fashion action too!

9. Cinderella story

This looks like a dress you’d see in Disney movies. With a little more volume, it could easily pass as a Disney princess dress.

10. Ravishing in red

Not everyone can pull off wearing a red dress like that and these two women totally rocked it. It’s also amazing how they were able to wear the same dress without losing their own unique style.

11. What a stunner!

You really can’t go wrong with black.

Even with different styles, these women looked stunning in that dress.

12. Like mother, like daughter

This mother couldn’t be any happier knowing that her daughter likes her style.

This was the second time she got to wear her dresses from high school.

13. This DIY dress!

This is a DIY prom dress from 1987. Her mom made it when she was just 17 years old.

After 30 years, she got to wear it to her senior ball. We’re just loving this vintage pattern – it’s timeless!

14. A timeless sense of style

Some styles are here to stay and this dress is one good example of that.

These ladies look gorgeous in the same gown and same pretty smile.

And look at how that dress fits her daughter like a glove – it was clearly meant to be!

15. Eye-catcher

Not everyone would dare to wear this color to prom because it’s bold and eye-catching. Well, those are probably the same reasons this mother and her daughter wore that dress.

Do you want to see some more young women wearing their mom’s old dresses? Scroll down below for some more vintage style!
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