15-year-old football player’s deep voice during National Anthem silences stadium full of rowdy fans


When it comes to high school there’s one sporting event that comes to mind and that’s football games. It’s Friday night and everyone is looking forward to the game.But it’s not just the football team that people are looking forward to seeing. There’s the cheer squad, the marching band, and of course, the National Anthem.

And we all know just how hard it can be to pull off a good rendition of the anthem. Hitting those notes is no easy task, after all.But over the years, we’ve watched many gifted individuals of all ages knock it out of the park.This teen stole the show.A viral sensation.

Sophomore Sam Keith is the one behind the unforgettable performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which took place at Nashoba Regional High School.

Luckily, the whole thing was filmed and it’s since spread across the internet.

There’s no question that the world is full of talented singers. And thanks to YouTube, we get to enjoy all kinds of breathtaking performances.

However, it’s not very often that a football player is the one belting out a song in front of sports fans. On top of that, being really good too!

He’s multi-talented.

An athlete with an incredible voice
In the viral video, Sam Keith is pulled away from his football game warm-up session to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

While dressed in his football gear, he quickly shows everyone in the crowd that he has multiple talents.

Taking center stage isn’t new for him.
Sam’s from Bolton, Massachusetts, and was 15-years-old when the performance took place. Yet, it’s not the only time he’s shined in the spotlight.

Sam’s an actor too.
If you were to go through his YouTube channel, you’d find clips from some of the theatrical shows he’s been part of.

He’s played roles in musicals such as Footloose, Addams Family, and Les Misérables.

Sam has an incredible, deep voice.
So it makes sense that he was asked to perform during the school’s football game.

It’s game time. Not that kind of game though.
In the video, Sam pulls his helmet off in front of everyone while wearing his number 59 jersey. Once his deep voice emerges you can immediately hear the passion in it.

The national anthem can lead to goosebumps regardless of who’s performing it. But if it’s combined with a singer like Sam, those goosebumps can suddenly get goosebumps too.

If only we were able to watch the reactions of his classmates in the stands. Perhaps some of them had heard Sam sing before, but likely many of them couldn’t believe their ears.

During the performance, you can see some of the cheerleaders gazing over at Sam. If they didn’t know he was an excellent singer already – they certainly wouldn’t be forgetting it.

Attracting a lot of attention
One of the highlights is when Sam reaches the end of the national anthem.

He raises his football helmet into the air as he sings the last line. The camera then rotates and you can see that his teammates are holding up their helmets as well.

It’s a powerful moment and a perfect way to bring them all together before their game.

The video hit 1.9 million views
The following update was posted about Sam:

“Sam has continued to sing the anthem at multiple football, soccer, and basketball games at his high school. He has continued his passion for voice and acting and is currently attending University of Cincinnati as a Musical Theater Major at CCM (College Conservatory of Music). He is part of the class of 2021.”


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