17-year-old graduated from Harvard and high school simultaneously then becomes youngest lawyer


To achieve something in life is really great, let alone doing it at such a young age.Braxton Moral is definitely a successful young man! At the age of 17, he graduated from Harvard and high school at the same time. Three years later, he became America’s youngest lawyer after passing the bar exam.

In May 2019, Braxton graduated from Ulysses High School, then 11 days later, he received his undergraduate degree from Harvard Extension School.Since he was 11 years old, this young lad skipped the fourth grade and had been taking classes at Harvard since then.

Luckily, the school allows students to enroll in their educational programs even without certain prerequisites so long as students can pass all through their tests, trial classes, and the administration votes on their admission.

A hardworker!

Grinding between traditional face-to-face classes and attending Harvard extension courses online, that’s how Braxton did it. Aside from that, this young achiever also attended remote classes in high school inside a room that’s made especially for online students.

Talking about how it was like to juggle high school and college simultaneously, Braxton said it wasn’t really that hard because the Harvard Extension School website helped him stay on track.

“I always checked the curriculum and made sure to have everything online. Classes were predictable, Monday through Thursday, and homework was always mentioned,” he said.

Instead of three years (which is usual), the young lawyer graduated from Washburn University School of Law after 2.5 years. Behind his success, Braxton admitted that he didn’t do quite well during the first semester. To improve his grades and to do better in his second semester, he took up summer courses.

Inevitable struggles and adventures.


Braxton’s school was a six-hour drive from their home in Ulysses, Kansas, soon, he decided to move into a townhouse that was closer to the campus. He admitted it was his first time to experience living alone.

“It was interesting, I had a great time. I had so much freedom,” he said.

Sadly, because of the pandemic, he was forced to go back to his parents’ home where he took classes remotely. But that didn’t demotivate him to continue reaching for his dreams of becoming a lawyer – it fueled him even more!

Becoming America’s youngest lawyer.
Braxton recently appeared in an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show and there, he explained how he first learned about him passing the bar exam.

“So, we’d actually just entered a movie theater,” the 20-year-old lawyer said. “Scrolling through social media, saw one of my friends got their scores, figured my score’s probably in as well, started to panic, found out I passed, my parents were ecstatic, and we saw the movie.”

As of now, Braxton is undecided on a law firm yet, but he’s already done externships at the Haskell County, Kansas attorney’s office and the city attorney’s office in Liberal, Kansas.

“You have to kind of be more than one thing out here ’cause it’s so desolate. You know, tried a few people for traffic infractions, I got ’em. I mean, they were on camera, but that’s beside the point, I still got ’em. And I’m keepin’ our city safer,” he shared.

Despite being America’s youngest lawyer and his already racked-up achievements, Braxton still stays humble. He admits to being a normal young man who still commits silly mistakes here and there.

“I poured a drink out of a cup with a hole the other day, so it’s not a big deal,” he said.

With his positive attitude, impeccable intelligence, hard work, and humility, we are certain he will do more and achieve more in life.

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