2-month-old baby has Daddy laughing saying clearly “I love you”


Babies can’t talk yet but sometimes, just sometimes, for some reason, they can utter a few coherent words. Almost like they guessed the right syllables just to make mom and dad smile.Like this two month old resting on daddy. That’s how you melt a father’s heart among other things.

Do a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find so many videos of babies uttering coherent words.Ignore the debates in the comments section and just let these precious little humans to melt your heart.Dad here cradles his child and like any happy father, he goes, “I love you” in the sweetest voice possible.

The baby looks up at him, smiling a very beautiful smile before responding to dad. Did you hear it?

Now dad starts smiling and laughing and as if to make his point, the baby repeats those three words he just said.

We know you heard it but just to be sure, play the video again. Tell me that didn’t make you smile!
A viewer named Dave Bozarth says, “How many times did everyone rewatch this clip over and over? This was great.”

Then MAD added his thoughts by saying, “I think this is amazing and very possible. It’s adorable. Hubby does not believe it to be possible.”

But what exactly are babies at two months like?
They still need 14 to 17 hours of sleep but there’s a bit more moving around now.

They’re like sponges wherein they will absorb everything their senses give them and they soak it all in.

Sensory-stimulating interactions with mom and dad are super important.

Parents will allow them to play with brightly hued toys, play gyms, mobiles and anything else possible.

And playing a lot of good music does help. Babies respond to music!

A baby at this age is generally more communicative. They can learn to start smiling when they see you and will respond with a “coo” or two.

And that’s when they may put together a few vowels and consonants.This baby got three words though. Well, pretty close and that’s really impressive.
Very Well Family has this to say.

“Your baby isn’t just communicating with their delightful smiles. They are also more “talkative” than ever. You may notice your baby cooing, gurgling, and just generally experimenting with their vocal cords.”

And that’s more than enough for new parents!
Babies grow up so fast so it’s best to enjoy every possible moment with them.

Hardworking moms and dads always choose to give their free time to their newborn.

Aside from the obvious care babies need, it’s all those precious moments that can never be replaced their after.

The wonderful part is that this baby’s “I love you” is now immortalized on video.

Mom and dad can go back and watch it anytime they want even when this baby grows up.

A moment we too can watch over and over again.

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