26-year-old raising 7 siblings is nearly evicted from home until the neighborhood steps in

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Not everyone is ready to raise a family. And for some folks, that responsibility just barges in uninvited and changes everything.Raul Acosta is a 26-year-old man who had to take responsibility for his 7 brothers and sisters.But how did that happen? Well, Raul’s mother died recently and tragically.

None of his siblings were old enough to work yet, and they had bills to pay.So the responsibility fell upon Raul, who was only 26 years of age. Most of us are fresh out of college and working meager jobs at 26. Raul also had to find a job, for the sake of the brothers and sisters he had to feed.

But finding a job to support a family of 7 is much easier said than done.
Like most of us in our 20s, Raul didn’t exactly have the experience or credentials to land a fancy job. At that age, most of your choices are minimum wage jobs – ones where you’ll be lucky to not be living paycheck to paycheck.

The solution, of course, would be to work more hours. That was going alright for Raul at his Burger King truck-driving job. But then the pandemic hit, and we all know what the start of the pandemic was like.

Those of us lucky to keep our jobs still faced reduced work hours. This was what happened to Raul.
When you’re working a simple job like that, a reduction in work hours can really bring you to the tipping point.

The house Raul and his siblings lived in was on a mortgage. Raul was managing just fine paying the mortgage until the hit to his work hours.

Now, the 8 siblings are facing potential eviction.

“We’re hoping to save it and fix it up. There’s a lot of things that need work around it. It’s not the prettiest thing, but it’s a roof over our head,” Acosta said. “They’re good kids, and they all work with me. We all work together as a team. Whatever we need to knock out, whatever we need to do, we get it done together. We work as a team.” – said Raul

Stepping in to help was attorney Sandra Creta, who refused to let the children be forced out of their home.

“I was so impressed by his maturity and the fact that he had already been packing lunches, braiding hair, changing diapers, using his money from his job at Burger King to fix up the house for years. He was already the dad to the little ones.” – Creta said of Raul

Creta isn’t charging Raul for her services at all. Raul’s resolve and determination to look after his siblings are enough to convince her.

Raul was relying on legal aid from the government to pay for the bills and mortgage. That help stopped coming, and now he needed an attorney’s help.

Ever since Raul struggled to provide the money for the house, they’ve been faced with the threat of leaving the house.

He needs to pay off $14,000 to keep the house. So a GoFundMe was set up to make some extra cash.

It seems like GoFundMe was a success. The campaign is currently sitting at over $140,000 in donations. Enough for Raul to pay off the amount 10 times over.

After everything he’s done to help his family, it’s only fair for everyone to help him too.

With the goals met, he can now he can rest and not worry about losing his family.

This is the happy ending that Raul deserved. When you’re on the grind as hard as Raul is, people can’t help but notice.

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