4-year-old Gives Laugh Out Loud Funny “Life Tips” To Baby


Just how adorable is this? Little Finn is just about to discover the world and he needs guidance.And who better to give it than a 4 year old.Young Ari looks like he can’t wait to impart some words of wisdom.After all, being four isn’t as easy as it looks.Ari takes the role of big brother and shares his knowledge with the little guy.

Finn has his whole life ahead of him but someone’s got him covered. Four long years. That’s how stressful life has been for Ari. His face says it all. Poor guy. Check out Finn’s face as he starts to listen. Horrified. Naturally, it starts with mommy and daddy because they will say “no” a lot.

And when that happens, go to grandma.

Grandma always says “yes”. Keep that in mind little Finn!
There’s also no such thing as too much television. Period.

He’ll have to learn to wipe his own bottom.
Young Ari also reminds Finn to hug his mom everyday. Sound advice.

He warns his buddy that grown-ups will want him to sleep more so don’t do it. Not sure about that one, little man.

At this point, Finn looks overwhelmed. Why does life seem so complicated from the get go?

Slow down, Ari, slow down.
These are solid life lessons. Let’s hope Finn is taking notes. There is so much passion in Ari’s voice it’s hard to miss out on anything. It’s so touching to know that this young man actually cares about his little friend by the tone of his voice.

And that part when grown ups talk with a baby’s voice? Apparently it’s annoying.

Preach, young fella!
Anyone with a brother will tell you what a ride it is having one. Brothers will always tease and pick on their siblings and that’s usually how they show their affection. They will still be the first to protect their siblings.

Ari goes on to say that Finn should avoid eating anything green. Except green M & M’s. Of course!
What else can’t Finn eat? Well there’s bubblegum, money, dogs, water cups filled with soap, and on and on.

How Ari knows not to eat those things is a mystery.

Don’t worry mom didn’t hear me.
If little Finn ever feels any doubts creeping in, Ari says just sing. And he actually sings for Finn. This kid’s got a future.

The one part Finn didn’t like was when Ari told him where babies come from.
Little Finn is on the verge of tears and even Ari agrees because that’s how he reacted too.

Maybe too much information for now, Ari.
He goes on to say that sometimes you just have to cry it out. And that no matter what happens, even if they are not brothers he will always be there for Finn. He’s a really good guy.

There is nothing like a brother’s love
Young Finn smiles at the thought that he will always have Ari by his side. Little Ari gets off his chair and on his knees and plants a sweet brotherly kiss on his companion. Listen to that smack.

The best part is that mom was just standing by the counter this whole time.

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