8-year-old living in a shed with his family spends mom’s last $12 to change family’s fortune


We all have dreams. Take for instance, an 8-year-old boy by the name of Aaron Moreno who wanted to be a judge but also dreamt of designing shoes for a well-known brand one day. While those dreams are high on his list, as of now he’s just a boy who loves Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!

That’s why whenever this boy heard the familiar ice cream truck sound; he immediately went to his mom and looked at her, hoping she would be able to buy him his favorite snack.But things weren’t that easy.A mother’s painFor his mom, saying no to her son because she doesn’t have the budget for a simple snack is heartbreaking.

Aaron’s mom, Berenice Pacheco, is undocumented, a single mother, and is someone who is struggling to make ends meet. That’s why no matter how much she wanted her son to eat his favorite snack she would have to explain their situation to him.

“When I lost both my jobs in March because of the corona-virus pandemic and we had no option but to live in a shed, this kid was always asking for Hot Cheetos,” Aaron’s mom told in her interview with CNN. “It’s just $3, but when you have kids and you don’t have a job, it can make all the difference.”

Living in a shed
Nothing is more painful for a mother than seeing her children suffer. That’s why she wanted to do her best to get back on track, even though at that moment, everything seemed impossible for her.

They were living in a shed and the place didn’t have bedrooms. It didn’t have Internet; there was no bathroom, air-conditioning, or even a decent table.

They were stuck there, and Berenice was hurting.
“As a mother, it broke my heart,” she shared. “I felt like I was failing my kids.”

Unbeknownst to her, her 8-year-old son was watching her. Aaron knew what their situation was, and he wanted to help his mother. Unlike some kids, Aaron didn’t have tantrums; he was there to support his mother.

Starting a business

Starting a business
Aaron offered to help. He used his mother’s last $12 to invest in succulents. There, he began to sell them to neighbors for a small profit, and everything was sold!

He was so happy, and they celebrated their success by getting ice cream, but just then, he realized something. He wanted to do it again, and he wanted to make it a full-time business.

“Our shed was hot and crowded and I wasn’t happy,” Aaron told in his interview with CNN. “I started my garden so my mom won’t be stressed because I don’t like seeing her struggle.”

What sweet words to hear from your child.
That was the start for them. Each day, Berenice and Aaron would wake up early, and they would take the bus to the flower district. There, they would get their supplies and would sell them.

They usually sold their plants from their humble shed, but there were times when they would create a pop-up shop.

One time, Berenice posted photos of her son’s unexpected business. She shared this on Instagram, and from then on, their family and friends showed their support by purchasing plants and sharing their stories.

Until one day, Aaron’s Garden went viral, and Aaron started receiving inquiries about his plants!

Getting back on track

Esli Ramos, Berenice’s high school friend started a GoFundMe drive for her friend and her son. She wanted to do her best to help them get proper housing.

Exceeding expectations
The initial $1,000 goal was surpassed and now has more than $56,000!

The money from the GoFundMe drive allowed Berenice and Aaron to buy their car, and they were also able to move into their new apartment.

That was just the start.

A customer also donated $1,000, which Aaron offered to his mom to be used to bring her older sister, Ayleen Pacheco home.

“The best part of what Aaron has done for us is bringing back his sister,” Berenice said. “It was so hard being without her and we are a whole family again. And I was so happy to see they still had their amazing bond even if they spent so much time apart. It’s such a blessing.”

Now, together with their 2-year-old sister Alani, Berenice and her family are living comfortably in their new home.

Beyond proud of her son
Right now, Aaron’s Garden is still loved by many. The young businessman had made a huge difference in such a short time, and what’s amazing is that he was able to help his mom get back on track.

As a bonus, he gets to eat his favorite snack daily!

If you’re interested in seeing more of Aaron’s garden you can check it yout here.

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