80 Amish people use their strength to lift house and move it to a different spot


Moving is horrible. Getting all of your belongings to fit through doorways and into a hot truck, driving that truck, and then repeating that process in reverse is tough! If you don’t have a moving company, you are forced to bring your friends with the promise of “pizza” after, even though nobody really wants to help anyways.

If only there was a way to move everything in a home all at once…Incredibly, the Amish have been using a method that makes moving as simple as can be – you just need 80 people!When we think of moving, we generally think of moving the things inside the home. For one group of people in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania, however, it wasn’t about moving the belongings, it was about moving the entire home!

An incredible scene captured on camera, 80 Amish people picking up a house and moving it to a different location.

The YouTube channel Mission to Amish People posted a video where they decided to help a member out and move their home. As we mentioned before, however, they aren’t just going to move the belongings, they are going to move the entire thing!

As the video begins, we see dozens of feet under a white home shuffling as they begin moving a massive structure!

With a few people shouting and directing calls, they quickly begin shifting an entire home onto a newly constructed foundation. If you’ve ever seen a group of ants move something much larger than themselves, you will understand exactly how this operation looks!

Instead of a halting, jerky movement, the house almost flows across the ground and onto its new resting place.

Within a few moments, they have taken the home over 50 feet and are over the freshly poured concrete foundation where it will reside over. The only problem, however, is that the angle is all wrong! Once they get it onto the platform, they need to shift it about 90 degrees.

Without much trouble, they place it down for a brief rest until someone shouts “UP!”

Finally, we see the first mistake. After turning it nearly as far as they can, they need to place it down because they get stuck on the height difference between the foundation and the surrounding ground. With a crunch, they place it back down and bang up the siding when they take a break to reevaluate.

Thankfully, it’s mostly cosmetic.

Then, with a new plan, they lift the rest of the home and center it perfectly on the foundation! Although they ran into some trouble before, they seem to have everything set now. With a few final nudges to get everything perfectly placed, the process of moving is officially done!

Some of the comments on the video are hilarious.

Here are some of our favorites:

“Heaven help us if they ever turn to crime. Imagine coming back from shopping and your entire house is gone.” – Homestead for a Living

Construction workers: “Sorry, we dont have the equipment to move that house.” Amish: “…hold my beard.” – The CIA

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