Adorable 1st grader breaks into happy dance on his first day of school


Can you remember how excited you were on your first day of school? Some kids might start filled with anxiety in this new world away from their parents.But some kids get really pumped.New school supplies, hanging out half a day outside their house, and most of all, spending time with their new friends.

Preston Jones Jr. brought that excitement to a whole new level.He brought his dance moves with him.On the first day of school at Horn Lake, Mississippi, Jones Jr. showed the parents and teachers at his school how to make an entrance.They said that your first day will set the tone for the rest of the year, and let’s just say that Jones Jr.’s year will be a party.

As he walked to the school’s front door, volunteer Amazon workers lining the sidewalk were energized.

Jones Jr. didn’t walk – he shuffled.
With flashy and fancy footwork, he made his way through the greeters who gave him high fives. One of them even joined his energy and danced with him.


He didn’t stop at the greeters, however, because once he reached the school’s front door, he danced even harder.

He was “just really excited.”
With his new backpack on his shoulders and new shoes on his feet, he really showed the people that he was more than ready to take on the first day of school.

“I felt really excited. I felt really good,” the first-grader said to WREG.


The school’s faculty were delighted to see such a fantastic display of enthusiasm.

“It just reminds us of our why. We want our kids to love coming to school.” Carrie Speck, principal of Horn Lake Elementary, said. “We want them to be happy and excited.”

“A beacon of positivity”His parents also said that Jones Jr. has always been this beacon of positivity.

His mom also shared with the news outlet that the world needs more of this positivity and she’s just glad that it was her dancing son who brought this kind of energy.


His dad, meanwhile, described his son as the “lightbulb in the room” who tends to stand out and make other peoples’ day.They also shared that Jones Jr. has this irresistible charm. Anytime he meets or sees him for the first time instantly fall in love with him and we’re really not surprised.

Some of Jones Jr.’s biggest fans were the men in blue in the video. The group, who calls themselves the, loved Jones Jr.’s attitude.It’s only a matter of time before his energy becomes contagious and we hope it happens soon.


As the first days of school are upon us, experts remind parents to listen to their children, especially during this big transition.Listening to your kids’ feelings toward their first day can help ease the anxiety that comes with it.After all, we don’t only want them to learn, but also to be excited about learning and making friends – much like Jones Jr.

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