Adorable Baby Elephant Giggles During Playtime


What do you know about elephants?They’re the largest land moving animals, and certainly unique looking. Elephants are herbivores, move in herds, and have fascinated adults and kids round the planet. Those are the facts. But these intelligent mammals are so much more.Large ear flaps, tusks, long trunks are trademark looks.

We also know that elephants inhabit forests, savannahs, and even deserts.Animated films, television shows, and illustrated books often portray elephants as gentle and adorable creatures for good reason.There have been countless documented instances where elephants eagerly initiate interaction with humans – an always welcome treat that makes them more endearing than usual.

Elephants are really intelligent too.
African elephants can actually identify languages and distinguish differences in gender, age, and ethnicity through the sound of one’s voice. These animals can also tell if the voice belongs to someone who is more likely to pose a threat.

This will cause them to switch into defensive mode.

Elephants are also great at understanding human body language.
These gentle giants are able to show empathy, too. There have been sightings of elephants visibly comforting other distressed elephants by stroking them with their trunks. So it’s no wonder then that these gentle giants form attachments with humans given the chance.

Need proof? Here’s a baby elephant playing with its human friend.
Cute huh? The little herbivore has all the energy in the world, chasing and bumping into the man. The little ellie’s having a great time too as evidenced by its giggling. Listen!

A baby elephant at the Maevang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was seen playing happily with its caretaker who obviously looked rather fond of the animal.
Humans looked on with delight as the baby elephant trotted towards a man dragging a blue basket on the ground. The man, who was also enjoying every bit of playtime with the baby elephant, would first drag the basket in the elephant’s direction then away from the happy animal, causing it to laugh and run around excitedly.

The baby elephant would then run to its mother, then back to the man with the blue basket.
Just like a human toddler venturing out but then running back to momma for some safety and encouragement.

Whenever the elephant would poke the blue basket with its trunk, the man would drag it away playfully, prompting more laughter from the baby elephant.
Of course there will always be the realistic ones who would point out that perhaps it isn’t really giggling, that maybe science has an in-depth explanation for the elephant’s amusing (and heartwarming!) reaction and the sound it would make as it played happily. And that’s okay.

We just prefer seeing it a bit differently: a baby animal having such a grand time in a safe, open space that it just can’t help but giggle every time its caretaker would attempt to play.

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