Adorable lamb melts 36M hearts politely asking owner for ‘attention’


Lambs are one of the cutest creatures around. They’re just something about their adorable faces that makes you say ‘aww.’Along with looking sweet, lambs also behave adorably.We don’t normally think of farm animals as pets, but a little time spent with them might change your mind!

Besides a few personality differences, what really is the difference between a puppy and a lamb? It’s not a super easy question! Farm animals are intelligent and adorable, just like puppies can be.All it takes is a little interaction to prove the point.Last year, a man decided to film a clip of him hanging out with some of his farm animals.

It wasn’t cows, calves, or donkeys that this guy owns, however. This guy owns sheep!
Lee Walters had been hanging around outside and was taking a break when one of the cutest things ever happened. Laying on the grass, he records some of his spring lambs coming up to him!

A spring lamb is simply a lamb that’s less than three months old.
As he lays on the grass, they trot over to him looking for some attention! As the birds chirp and Lee lay on the green grass, he pets the lambs like a household pet! Even more adorable, they don’t like it when he stops scratching them.

If you’ve ever had a cat or dog, you know that they don’t like it when you try and stop petting them.

Their typical reaction is to paw at you or press their head into your hand or arm until you resume your work. They are basically saying, “You think you’re done with me? Think again!”

Just like a dog or cat would, these lambs “hoof” at Lee until he gives them more scratches.

It looks like these little creatures know exactly what they want – and how to get it! With an adorable look and a little determination, they convince Lee to keep petting them. These little guys are determined!

Lee explains that they don’t normally want attention like this, but today was special. Normally, the little lambs are off running around, having fun, totally full of energy. Today, however, something was different!

Honestly, after watching videos like this, it makes it hard to eat meat!

As animal lovers, seeing little creatures like this where we see how intelligent and emotional they are doesn’t make things easy.
Still, no matter if animals are on a farm or in a house, we can treat them all with respect and dignity, just like Lee is here. This video might also make the case for sheep as pets!

This lamb is too cute, and it just goes to show how cuddly and friendly these creatures are. What a sweet little guy.

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