After 40 Years Father Meets Daughter He Never Knew He Had


Al Annunzuiata is about to meet his daughter for the first time in forty years. Jyll Justamond reached out via Facebook in April asking him, “Are you Al?. Imagine the butterflies in both dad and daughter’s stomachs during that exchange.Jyll sent another message, this time asking him if he knew her biological mother by the name of Linda.

Al narrates the story and as he does, he breaks in to a smile the moment he confirms that he did know Linda. Pure joy on his face.Naturally, Al is really nervous that he’s about to meet his daughter. The place is at a restaurant in New Jersey but Al doesn’t seem too hungry at the moment.

His tummy can wait as it is his heart that’s longing to meet his daughter Jyll.

All Jyll knew was that her mom met Al in 1976 at a bar that no longer exists.
Jyll used the power of social media to find her father and now here he is, flowers and gifts ready for a daughter he never knew. Both father and daughter took a paternity test and the results were a 99.9964 chance that he was her biological father.

Al couldn’t stop thinking of meeting Jyll for months.
How many sleepless nights and how many bottles of beer, we don’t know, but finally the day has come. He’s dressed sharply too. Not too formal but smart and handsome.

“Hi dad.”

In walks Jyll, heading straight into the open arms of her father. The very first look and a hug forty years in the making are enough to bring anyone to tears. She shares,

“It felt comfortable. It felt comfortable. It feels like I’ve known him forever. Genuinely.”

They exchange stories, memories, of their lives. Jyll was born April 3, 1977. She even brought her baby book!

Al came prepared. He gave her a birthday card, her first teddy bear in pink, a sweet 16 birthday card, a toy car, and all the pictures and milestones tossed in. Jyll admits she’s a mini version of her dad, now with a new beginning ahead of them both.

This was the best Father’s Day ever.

Who knows how long they stayed in that restaurant? Forty years worth of stories, questions and answers will take some time. Al says she is just like him, which Jyll herself admits in a way. What a moment for these two.

Even viewers couldn’t help themselves,

“Damn I’m crying he seems so excited to meet his daughter. I feel bad he missed so much of her life but they still have many more years to make up for it. Congratulations to them how heart warming!!”

There is nothing like a father daughter relationship. He is her king while she his princess. It has been known that when mom says “no”, girls run to dad because he will say “yes”. Not to mention those future boyfriends have a big bullseye painted on their backs.

No problem for Al and Jyll.
They may have lost forty years but there’s so much more ahead for them. Besides, Jyll doesn’t even look 40. She could pass for someone in her twenties or early thirties. Al himself looks to be in great shape for his age. Here’s to more years for these two.


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