Alaska man feeds bald eagles and camera records majestic sight


Prepare to feel jealous if all you have the chance to feed are pigeons at your local waterfront. Jessie Peck gets to hang out with bald eagles!He happens to live in a place with one of the largest bald eagle populations in the world – Unalaska, Alaska. It has 5,000 people and roughly 600 bald eagles, which are drawn there by the waterfowl and carrion they enjoy feasting upon.

Dutch Harbor.Unalaska’s Dutch Harbor is one of the most copious fishing spots in the world. That makes it easier for fishermen to leave scaps lying around for the eagles.So much freedom in one place!Well, ACTUALLY, while it looks nice, it’s more of an Alfred Hitchcock thing to some people.

The birds
They’re known as “Dutch Habor pigeons,” but the eagles can also be pretty aggressive. In fact, Unalaska is the eagle attack capital of the world.

And during nesting season – forget it. If you get between them and their babies, you could get a trip to the ER.

Deputy Police Chief Jennifer Shockley told Alaska Republic:

“We have these signs that we put up every year to remind people that there are nesting eagles in the area,” Shockley said. “They will do whatever it takes to protect their young, and that typically includes launching themselves at people and using their talons to lacerate their heads.”

A moment of majesty
While this makes us a little less willing to visit the harbor, we can’t help but watch with awe as a man feed a flock of eagles in a video he uploaded to YouTube. Jessie Peck’s video has been viewed nearly 9 million times.

As you can see, the creatures tend to crowd around each other. And that’s an issue all over the harbor – there simply isn’t enough room for them all, so things can get nasty.

Still, it’s incredible to see so many in one place!

What to think?
Even those on the receiving end of an eagle attack find it hard not to find the bird pretty cool.

U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Andres Ayures was chased down a mountain by an annoyed eagle, convinced it was going to end his life.

“As I was getting attacked, I was still admiring the eagle for being so majestic,” Ayures said. “It was a fantastic-looking eagle.”

We couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

Still jealous?
Commenters were enamored with the video, perhaps not thinking of what it might mean to have so many hungry raptors at the ready.

“This is wonderful! How fortunate Alaskans are to have so many of these glorious raptors! ❤️🦅🇺🇸” said one viewer.

Others were convinced “chilling” with eagles would be awesome.

“That would be such a majestic experiences. Hundreds of natures most beautiful creatures just coming to chill with you on your boat…so cool.”

Sure, they’re majestic, but one does not simply “chill” with wild animals.

Commercial fisherman Bob Wilson told Men’s Journal:

“Do I think they’re pests? Oh, absolutely. But they’re cool pests, so that’s OK. They make a mess of my boat, which is kind of the bad part, but they are our national bird and we love them anyway.”

Ok, then. We’ll buy it.

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