Big Brother Loves To Embarrass Little Brother At Bus Stop Every Day


Noah Tingle is Batman. He’s also Santa Claus, Chewbacca, Where’s Waldo, and many other popular figures.He’s got so many different costumes that he dresses up everyday just so he can wait for his younger brother Max get off the bus from school, welcoming him home in costume.

It was embarrassing for Max at first, but there’s a reason Noah decided to dress up for Max.“Knowing I’m going to college next year and won’t see him on a daily basis, I thought this would make things memorable and strengthen our bond as brothers,” he said.Isn’t he sweet?

The boys’ mom, Stacie Tingle, is super supportive.
“When he wanted to dress up and get Max off the bus, I just laughed and walked away,” she says. “His older sister took the first video. Then, when he wanted to do it the next day, I helped out with the fun and started to video for him…This is typical Noah. He loves his brother, but also loves messing around with him.”

Boys will be boys, and brothers will be brothers for life.
“Noah pours into Max like he would want someone to do for him,” said Stacie. “He wants Max to be the best he can be… I never would have thought they’d be this close, being five years apart, but their relationship is precious and (it) brings joy to my heart to know they have each other. I am so glad Noah puts forth so much effort to be there for his little brother. I pray they will always be close, best friends.”

But where does Noah get all those costumes?
They come from friends. “I plan on doing this as long as possible,” Noah said. “Costumes are being donated but only time will tell if there will be enough for the whole school year.”

And people from everywhere have sent him costumes as well.

Max’s initial embarrassment has faded. He now thinks that his brother’s antics are “cool”, and even the bus driver along with the other students are enjoying the moment they arrive at Max’s house.

Max has even learned to fight back, sometimes getting rough with his older brother who in return plays with his little bro as mom films them.

The Louisiana high school senior has been a Minion, gorilla, a fireman, and many other hilarious looks. And he always gets the same response from his little brother.

The Bus Brothers’ antics have gained them fame on social media. A Facebook and Instagram page each have thousands upon thousands of followers.

Only a big brother would think of embarrassing his younger bro out of affection. Noah will surely miss Max when he goes off to college, and Max will remember these moments fondly.

Watch Max closely, as he actually approaches Noah and gives him a little hug before the wrestling begins. That’s brotherly love.

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