Big Brother’s “Kiss” Meeting Baby For 1st Time Breaks Cute-O-Meter


Being an older sibling is a wonderful… and interesting, job. You get to do all the things first, your parents experiment on you a bit, and you are treated a bit more responsibly than the other siblings are! Overall, however, the pluses make up for everything else.One of the most adorable parts of being a big brother or sister is when you meet the new addition to the family for the first time.

Most siblings are pretty young when this happens and don’t really remember it. Typically, if you are younger than 4 or 5, odds are you won’t remember the first time you met your brother or sister. Nowadays, however, cell phone video changes things!Those adorable and life-changing moments can be captured on camera in HD.

For one little boy, meeting his baby sister was cute enough to go viral on YouTube! Gavin Clark, the dad in the equation here, filmed his son meeting their newborn daughter and the result is heart-melting.

The first scene is of Gavin walking down the hospital hallway with his son waddling on ahead of him.

The camera is close-up so you can see just how excited the boy is! As they finally turn into the right room, it’s time to meet the little bundle of joy. We hear a gasp from mom as she accepts the gift that the little boy brought for his new sister.

After he hands mom the little pink bear, it’s time to meet her!

The little girl is swaddled in a lavender blanket and snuggled tight in mom’s arms. The boy climbs on the bed and his mom instructs him on how to give a gentle kiss on her little head! With a “SMOOCH”, he plants one right on her forehead!

Now, it’s finally time to hold the baby.

The boy almost looks like he’s in a state of shock when he holds his sister! His eyes are wide and he is nearly overwhelmed with everything. As he holds onto her, his grandma stands by with ready arms in case she needs to help support.

After a few kisses on the baby’s nose, the boy is all smiles.

You can’t help but “awww” at how cute the moment is. He is gentle and careful, fully aware that this little baby he’s holding is precious! He’s probably been ready to meet his sister ever since his parent told him about the “bump” that she had one day!

And for one final tug on your heartstrings, we get to see the two napping together.

The two kids fall asleep on the hospital bed as their parents look on with a sense of wonder. As a parent, all you want is to love your kids well and for them to get along. A happy family with genuine love like this starts at the beginning! You just know that the little boy is going to make an awesome big brother.

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