Boy Sits With Lonely New Student At Lunch And Gets A Heartwarming Note In Return


It’s normal for kids to feel nervous and a bit scared on their first day of school. Everything around them is new, like their teachers, classmates, and even school.One 10-year-old boy knows how hard it is to be a new student in school.So when he saw one of the new kids sitting alone during recess, he made a move that warmed hearts on social media.

The kid was having a hard time making new friends and the boy’s gesture helped him a lot.Instead of letting the kid feel lonely on his first day at school, the Canadian boy sat down with him.For other students, the boy’s action probably meant nothing. However, for the new kid, it was a huge thing.

In fact, he was so touched by the boy’s action that he decided to make a special note for him.

The note said:

“Sitting with me outside felt better than anything. Thank you so much. I would like to ask you if I can start joining you guys outside.”

The new student’s note even included a rainbow. The simple act of kindness probably inspired hope for him.

Ravi Kahlon, the boy’s father, saw the note.

And like most dads, he was super proud of his son’s action. He decided to share his proud dad moment on Twitter.

There, the post earned more than 450,000 likes and 35,000 retweets. It also received tons of positive comments.

One Twitter user shared:

“As someone who was the new kid at six different elementary schools, hugs to your son.”

Another one commented:

“This is just so great. After all the stuff we are see in the world lately. This is so heartwarming Proud dad I bet.”

There was also this Twitter user who applaud the kid for being so kind. She even shared her story:

“This is HUGE. My daughter was shunned and bullied for being shy and different, and sacrificed eating lunch with some of the few friends she had to befriend a new boy being horribly bullied, and would stick up for him. No one else in the 8th grade would have anything to do w/him.”

You can see more comments here:

A lot of people on the internet praised him for doing an excellent job in raising such a kind kid. With what’s happening these days, we need more parents like Ravi and kids like his son.

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