Bride drops to her knees upon sight of parents who she thought couldn’t attend wedding


A wedding will not be perfect without the parents of the bride and the groom. These people have raised two lovely people who finally found their better half, so it just wouldn’t be complete without them.Aline Nas was about to marry the love of her life. And on this special day, she hoped to have her parents by her side as she faced a new chapter in her life in Florida.

Her parents were in Brazil, and the sad part is that they wanted to join their daughter on her wedding day, but their visas wouldn’t be ready in time. Because of this, Aline had no choice but to have a wedding without her parents with her.It was hard but she knew she had to accept the fact that she would be having a wedding without her mom and dad.

Well, that was what she thought anyway.

Unknown to Aline, something amazing was being prepared by her husband-to-be.

Ryan Tickle knew that Aline cherished her family, and their wedding would simply not be complete without her parents on their memorable day. Ryan was aware of the visa issues faced by his bride’s parents, and he knew that what would make his wife-to-be extremely happy is if her parents were able to get to Florida on their wedding day.

It was quite fortunate that the visas came through at the last minute. Ryan came to know about this but decided to keep it a secret from his soon-to-be better half. Her parents went along and together, they prepared a surprise that would surely leave Aline in tears of happiness.

The wedding day finally came.

As the couple went out of the hotel to be wedded, Aline saw familiar figures in front of the building. The surprised woman could not believe her eyes at all!

She was so surprised that she fell to her knees as she cried happy tears. The two people she was longing to be with on her momentous day were physically in front of her.

Aline could not keep herself from crying out loud. Like a child, the woman just poured out her emotions and hugged her parents who flew all the way from Brazil to walk her down the aisle.

The happy bride did not know that her parents were in the same hotel they were staying in. She even video-called her father that morning, totally unaware that they were right there all along. Her father fondly recalled how he had to make it look like he was still in his house when Aline called.

Ryan was very happy to see the smile on Aline’s face as she embraced her parents.
It was all he could ever hope for. Aline’s happiness shone through on that day, totally overjoyed that her parents were there and that the person she chose to marry knew exactly what would make her happy. What a lucky girl!

In an interview with USA Today uploaded on their YouTube channel, Humankind, the couple shared the incredible moment.

“I was more nervous about surprising her with her parents than the actual wedding itself. I was constantly sweating, it was really tough.” Ryan recalled.

On that day, Aline received a very beautiful gift that she would forever cherish.

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