Bride sends out tiered wedding menu that gives guests food options based on cash gift amount


Weddings are always joyful.This day is memorable not just for the couple and their families but the guests as well. People always feel honored to be invited to a wedding because they are important to the couple and their union.But what if you’re sent a weird RSVP invitation that would make you say “no, thanks”?

Perhaps this one Reddit post about a wedding imposing a “tiered wedding menu” based on your cash gift would be one reason. But let’s get to more details later.Each culture has different wedding traditions.From the Polterabend dish-breaking tradition in Germany, guests are asked to bring porcelain dishware for the couple and break them; to the Swedish kissing party wherein female guests can kiss the groom if the bride leaves their table and vice versa.

Another wedding tradition is giving a gift.

It’s customary to give gifts to the newlyweds. However, it differs from different countries. In the United States, couples often create a gift registry so guests can (or at least know) what to buy. Other countries give out money for practicality’s sake.

So, what has this Reddit post to do about all these?
A Redditor posted this:

Yep, you see it right! The couple is asking their guests how much, or in this case, what gift level, is their cash gift to give you the corresponding menu based on that value.

It is posted in the subreddit called Let’s Shame Those Weddings (r/weddingshaming).

Here, Redditors can post tacky, scandalous, or shame-worthy wedding demands and so much more. People also air out their concerns on what they think is wrong in the wedding they’re about to go to or went to.

People were disgusted with this “tiered” wedding menu.

However, this may be familiar in a Chinese wedding.

At Chinese weddings, those who like to give cash as gifts will place it in a red envelope called hong bao. The value inside the envelope should be around the same value as the food served to them. You can either call the restaurant and ask how much the dinner per head is, or you can just judge its value after the dinner.

As long as the amount doesn’t have the numbers 4 & 7 (because these are unlucky numbers for the Chinese), you’re good.

But this tiered wedding menu is the other way around.

The dinner served to you is based on the amount of your gift. Most Redditors think it’s just tacky. Others also pointed out how the vegan/vegetarian option is only for the highest tier.

One Redditor did his digging and found the original post saying that this was a “joke.”

If it is, it isn’t a good one at all, and no one would be sharing a good laugh after reading it. Besides, it’s still somehow telling you that there’s no required amount to give, “but hey! We’ll accept $2,500 if you want to.” The tiers also tell how much the couple sees your gift’s value, either in cash or a wrapped one.

Others would like to be more positive and think that this is for charity.
We could only hope it is.

What do you guys think about this? Would you attend the wedding if you receive something like this?

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