Bus driver rescues lost 5-year-old on freezing winter night


A few years ago, a young lady, who had just been working for the Milwaukee County Transit System for six months, rescued a lost 5-year-old boy on a cold winter night.On that freezing January night, the temperature was as low as 22 degrees and Denise Wilson was just looking forward to finishing her shift and heading back home.

She was supposed to have one last break, but she almost skipped it.She thought it might be a better idea to get done with her shift, just keep driving and then relax at home, but she changed her mind last minute.“I was like ‘oh, stop, stretch a little bit, get some air,’” she told Fox 6 at the time.

As the bus surveillance camera shows, Denise left the driver’s seat and walked out of the bus.

Only moments later, she can be seen returning with a little boy in her arms.

You see, as Denise was leaving the bus to get some air, she heard someone crying and, soon, she realized there was a little boy dressed in light clothes and with no shoes on, wandering on the street.

“It was after midnight, so ‘Am I really seeing what I’m seeing?’” driver Denise Wilson told WISN.

“He came out of nowhere out of nowhere. I just happened to look over and heard him crying and he was just running up Center [Street].”

The woman just couldn’t leave the little boy alone. She knew she had to help him out.
It was obvious he was lost, and she decided to take him with her on the bus until the police arrived.

The poor boy was only wearing his pajamas and a loose jacket that someone had given him as the boy had passed by a gas station.

Wilson called the police right away and tried to comfort the confused and upset boy while waiting for the officers to arrive.

“I tried to buy some snacks and calm him down and put him at ease. I asked him if he was still cold, and so I put my jacket around him and wrapped him up — wrapped him to get warm,” Wilson said.

Indeed, we can see in the video that the woman turns to the little boy asking him if he’s still a little cold, and then grabs her coat and offers it to him hoping that it will warm him up a little bit.

A while later, the police arrived and returned the boy to his family.
Turns out, the little boy had wandered away from his house “by mistake.”

As the investigation showed, it was just an “innocent episode that ended well”. And it was all thanks to Denise.

Does Wilson consider herself a hero?
Not really, she is just a child of God, who has been raised by her family always having in mind that she is supposed to do the right thing, and helping that boy was indeed the right thing to do that night.

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