Bus driver teaches passengers a lesson when they won’t move for man in wheelchair


Transportation is one of the biggest issues faced by those with disabilities.Oftentimes, vehicles aren’t equipped to transport large medical equipment like wheelchairs, and streets often don’t have curbs, crosswalks, or sidewalks that are easily accessible.In fact, transportation was named as a crucial problem in three polls conducted by the National Organization on Disability over the past 20 years.

In the most recent poll, roughly 1/3 of respondents listed inadequate transportation as a problem while more than half listed it as a “major problem.”And while public transportation was developed to be accessible for all, those with disabilities can tell you that, in practice, that is not always true.

For those with disabilities, riding a bus presents certain challenges.

Passengers in wheelchairs often find cars blocking bus stops and taking up the room they need to board the bus. Bus drivers often aren’t sure how to use the wheelchair lift. And when the person can finally make it through, people often refuse to move out of the priority seating section.

A lot of people can be inconsiderate towards people with special needs— but one Paris bus driver is going viral for the way he put his passengers in their place.

French resident François Le Berre was attempting to catch a bus from a bus stop in Paris’s 17th district.

When the bus finally arrived, and Le Berre attempted to board, no one would make room for him.

Le Berre waited for someone to move so he could board, but nobody did.
After seeing no change, the man in the wheelchair considered waiting for the next bus on the route. But when the bus driver noticed what was going on, he decided to put the rude passengers in their place.

In a Facebook post, Le Berre wrote:

“Yesterday, waiting for the bus in Paris, I laughed, because no one wanted to (make room). As nobody moved the driver said, ‘Terminus! Everybody [off]!’ After the driver came to me, he said, ‘you and your help you can ride and the others, you wait for the next!’”

The bus driver then made every rude passenger get off the bus.

Oh, but the driver didn’t just stop there. He then invited Le Berre into the bus and told the other passengers they could wait for the next one. As you can imagine, the other passengers were less than enthused.

But the driver’s actions meant a lot to Le Berre.
Since sharing the story on Facebook, his post has been spreading like wildfire.

People worldwide are praising the bus driver while wishing Le Berre well.

Some even urged French President Emmanuel Macron to honor the bus employee.
After the incident, a spokesperson from RATP, the public transit system operator, reached out to the public for help identifying the man, saying they wanted to recognize the driver for his actions.

Although some people thought RATP’s announcement was a ploy to locate the driver to fire him, the agency responded on Twitter, stating: “An agent does not get fired when acting on behalf of travelers.”

Earlier this year, another bus driver went viral for an unexpected, compassionate deed.

Gene Hubbard, a blind man from Milwaukee, had been traveling the same bus route for 20 years.
In July, however, a construction company set up construction barrels, forcing him to readjust his route.

That’s when somebody captured a photo of bus driver Thad Turner helping Hubbard cross the street.

The photo was later sent to Fox6 News and quickly went viral.

Although Turner’s deed was heartwarming, Hubbard says this isn’t the first time he’s received help. In an interview with Fox6 News, he said:

“I just can’t say enough about all the bus drivers.”

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