Business woman makes incredible wages snuggling people as a “certified cuddler”


You may know or not but research suggests that eight hugs a day can keep a doctor away oand can make you feel better every day.Unfortunately, only infants or people with lovers seem to have access to this. But what if you can hire the job out?Hugs for hireEven though it might seem absurd, many people are finding success as professional cuddlers.

Yes, professional! Because they have gone through certification before practicing this role. Interesting, right?Something worth looking intoIn this video, Inside Edition shared the profession and why you should book this kind of service.The certification process.On, you’ll see a list of different professional cuddlers that can give you the hugs that you need.

They are from different states as well.

The main mission of Cuddlist is to create a space that helps people feel secure and connected.

In this safe space, Cuddlist aims to reconnect its clients with their best, most natural, and alive selves.

They want their clients to be reminded of who they really are.

The page also offers information on how to be a cuddler by enrolling in the class under

Once you finish the course, Cuddlist will give you a certificate and will include you in the list of cuddlers.

Then, of course, you can be booked by cuddle seekers. But before you head on to this profession, let’s meet the professional cuddler in the video.

Meet Robin Marie.

According to Robin Marie’s profile, her prior work as a marriage and family therapist taught her the importance of listening without passing judgment and helped her develop a strong sense of empathy for everyone.

Since January 2018, Robin has been a Certified Cuddlist. She is based in Kansas City.

In the video, Robin shared that after dealing with health problems a few years ago, she realized that she was only being touched during professional massages and she wasn’t alone.

So, she set out to help other people.

The power of a healing touch

As Robin continued in this profession, she saw a transformation in her clients through the years. And she believes that this is because of the healing touch of cuddles.

Of course, before booking Robin for a cuddle session, she makes sure that clients know the terms and condition first.

Health benefits of hugs.

The transformation and healing of Robin’s clients may be connected with the health benefits of hugs scientifically.

According to, a proper deep hug, where the hearts are pressing together, can benefit you in different ways.

Hugs immediately increase oxytocin levels, which relieve loneliness, alienation, and rage. Hugs for an extended time lift serotonin level which means that can elevate your mood.

Cuddles also relax muscles and release the tension in the body, which can relieve pain and soothe aches.

Lastly, hugs work much like meditation. According to, cuddles teach us to let go and be present in the moment. They encourage us to flow with the energy of life.

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