Cat protected baby while inside mom and does the same outside


Cats are famously able to sleep absolutely anywhere. The cat’s first remarkable ability: their ability to climb tricky heights, in addition to their second ability; their ability to sleep anywhere often means you can just find a wee kitty sleeping away on top of refrigerators, even doors!Sometimes, they don’t need a high-up place to sleep, just an inconvenient place….

In fact more often than not the sleeping spot they choose is one that is just inconvenient or completely in the way.Sometimes however, they use their powers for good rather than…adorable inconvenience.Meet Panda, the over-protective rescue feline, who digs deep into his ability to sleep deeply to provide protection to the infant in her owner Liel’s belly.

He seems to sense that there’s a friend on the way, and already wants to snuggle up with him.

There’s always a place on the belly for Panda!
Well, there may soon be a little less space than he’s used to when the time comes to share, but for now it seems like he’s content just to enjoy having the belly-bed all to himself. I wonder if he can feel baby kicking in there?

The valiant Panda remains on guard…
…that is until it’s time to go to sleep, but even then, he will remain in place to guard the young fella who is waiting to come out into a world where he’s already got a bestie- a cat named Panda. I just feel for Liel who not only has to deal with the extra weight of a baby in the belly, but of a fully-grown cat as well!

You may be pleased to know…
That even when baby is born, well, Panda still gets to nap with him. In fact, the whole family can stack up rather wonderfully. This time however, baby is actually being kept warm by Panada. And Panda gets to…I guess “faceplant?” Cats are weird sometimes.

What a lucky child to grow up with a companion from day one.
It’s clear that Panda adores not only Mom but baby too. How nice would it be to grow up with a feline companion who not only wants to cuddle gently all of the time, but also seems to feel a protective instinct as well.

It just means that Mom has to watch Panda’s…affection.
Cute as it is, for the first while Mom needed to make sure that Panda didn’t get any bright ideas to sleep on top of Baby until he’s big enough. The last you want is for Panda to jump the gun when he’s too heavy for a baby! But it seems like Mom is keeping close watch and making sure that Panda is there with her.

According to Pet Sitters Ireland, cats will chose to sleep on top of their owners for a few different reasons:

“Cats are very vulnerable when they are sleeping and like to find a place, or person, that they trust to sleep on. When they sleep with their owner they are confirming to you that they trust you.”

This seems to be true for Panda, at least in part. It does still seem that he wants to protect the (new) little one! As a rescue, he may just be happy to have a family of his own!