Cat races with dad and showing incredible leaping skills


We’ve all heard of racehorses, but have you ever heard of a race cat? Well, Rackarkatten is basically a race cat.This fluffy Siberian cat lives in Sweden and loves to race her dad. Not only is she a race cat, but she’s a winning race cat.She’s never lost a race once. Rackarkatten discovered her racing abilities while at her family’s country house.

Rackarkatten and her dad Magnus would always go for short walks.And she loved to run toward the door on her way back.“We lived in an apartment in the city, but we would spend the weekends in our country house,” Magnus told The Dodo. “It was a perfect way for her to burn energy.

The first time we did a race she was a bit surprised that I was so serious with it, but she loved it.”

Rackarkatten’s other favorite pastimes are eating, sleeping, and cuddling.

But she prefers being outdoors.
When her dad let her have full reign in the backyard and forest, she discovered a whole new world of fun.

Winter or summer. Snow or grass… Rackarkatten doesn’t care.

She’s racing either way.
Magus will keep her claws longer in the winter so she can get a good grip on the snow.

“I think she likes the grip she gets, she’ll dive into the snow and jump around. But she likes summer best. In summer, she can run in the forest in the fields or on the country road,” said Magnus.

Rackarkatten gets very eager to start running when they get close to the starting line.
“I never give my human a chance to win,” wrote on her Instagram page where she has more than 60,000 followers.

The fastest she’s ever run is 60 meters in 5.8 seconds. Rackarkatten is really big on winning. It’s kind of her thing.

Rackarkatten, who is now 14, moved to the country house permanently when she was 7.
“She spends all of her time outdoors, exploring everything. She loves climbing big boulders and exploring. She always looks super happy outside,” Magnus said.

That’s probably because Siberian cats are known as forest cats. That’s why they have long thick hair that grows longer in the winter to keep them warm and thins out in the summer, according to Purina.

“Social and intelligent, but independent where necessary, the Siberian Forest Cat is a curious and clever problem-solver. Despite their huge size, they are agile and athletic, able to make great leaps to reach what they want,” their website says.

Magnus says that he’s learned a lot from Rackarkatten about the real important things in life.
“I’m so grateful to have her in my life. She’s such good fun and a friend. She’s taught me to slow down and spend more time at home. She taught me that it’s amazing to just sit and enjoy the forest.”

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