Chinese superstar Chow Yun-Fat vows to give $714 million fortune to charity


Chow Yun-Fat is truly a legend, on and off the camera.For those who don’t know who Chow Yun-Fat is, he is a multi-award winner Hong Kong actor who became extremely popular in the movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.’ From appearing on TV shows to making it big on the big screen and in Hollywood, we can all agree that he is an icon.

Mixing his martial arts skills and acting prowess with hard work, Chow Yun-Fat made it big on the big screen. His always box-office films earned him not just awards and nominations but also millions of dollars in earnings. In fact, in 2015, he made it to the list of Forbes’ highest-paid actors in the world.

Despite his success, Chow Yun-Fat proved to everyone that the best things in life are free.

Having a fat bank account, you’d expect him to be living life to its fullest by possessing earthly pleasures such as luxurious cars, pieces of jewelry, and other expensive stuff. However, the now 67-year-old actor chose to live a simple and low-key life. He’s so down-to-earth that he even pledged to donate his entire $714 million fortune to charity.

When asked how did he end up making such a decision, he said, “This money isn’t something you possess forever. When you’re gone one day, you have to leave it to others to use it.”

He also said that he can’t bring his wealth afterlife and that the money that he has isn’t actually his because he’s only keeping it safe for the time being.

ON camera vs OFF camera.

We’ve all known Chow Yun-Fat in his movies as a martial artist and beat up bad guys using only his brutal strength. However, the majority of the roles that he played in movies are far from who he truly is in real life.

Although he was popularly known as a martial artist, Cho Yun-Fat said he also wanted to try doing comedy or drama like Tom Hanks. He also revealed that he’s a Buddhist and that he really hates violence. He was only doing it because it was his job to do it in front of the camera.

For a man who was born and raised in a rural community, it’s clear that Chow Yun-Fat didn’t forget the kind of life that he lived before. His humility makes his personality even more admirable and that’s one of the many reasons why people all over the world love him.

Not your typical multi-millionaire.

Actually, you’d still see Chow Yun-Fat using public transportation and eating at street-side food stalls. He’s also not a fan of signature clothes because he wanted comfort over luxury. A man with a mission indeed because despite his fame, he chose to live a normal life – a life he truly wanted.

While most rich people find happiness from possessing tons of expensive material things, Chow Yun-Fat’s happiness comes from something else, “My dream is to be a happy and normal person. The hardest thing in life is not about how much money you earn, but how to keep a peaceful mindset and live the rest of your life in a simple and carefree manner.”

What a guy! He truly is someone to look up to.

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