Chris O’Donnell Knew His Wife Was ‘Special’ From 1st Sight – It Took 6 Years for Him to Propose


Chris O ‘Donnell has a rock-solid Hollywood marriage. And it all started many years ago, when he first laid eyes on his wife, Caroline Fentress, and knew she was special.Hollywood heartthrob Chris O’Donnell has been a family man for many years, and he runs his home with an intricate level of family values, alongside his wife, Caroline Fentress.

The couple’s love story goes as far back as the 90s when Chris first laid eyes on Fentress and knew there was something special about her. Here’s a look through their rock-solid union since inception.Chris O’Donnell’s Career Story.Born the last child of seven children in a catholic family, Chris pretty much grew up accustomed to and inclined to the same family values as his loved ones.

It transcended through different stages of his life, even when he debuted in the entertainment industry. Chris started his career as a teenage model and was first drawn to the profession because of the pay.

His sister introduced him to Maureen Brockman, a modeling agent who later shared with Chicago Tribune that Chris’s “fabulous smile and adorable personality” made him the right pick.

The youngster began appearing in commercials. His most notable commercial was starring alongside Michael Jordan in a McDonald’s ad. Chris switched to Hollywood in subsequent years as he bagged his first feature film role in “Men Don’t Leave Me.”

Chris never envisioned a career in Hollywood from the start, but once he was confident about his acting skills, he bagged more roles. More of the star’s acting credits include “School ties,” “Secret of A Woman,” “Vertical Limits,” “The Three Musketeers,” and “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

His more prominent movie roles were done towards the 2000s. Chris kept his reputation untainted and earned himself the taunting nickname, “Mr. Squeaky Clean.” And this didn’t bother him in the least.

How Chris Met His Wife

It is safe to say that the actor’s reputation of staying off Holywood drama despite being a hunk helped his love life. He has been with the same woman since 1997 and has proved that their love only strengthens through time.

The “Batman Forever” star met Caroline Fentress through her older brother, Andrew Fentress, his neighbor and pal. The pair felt an instant connection which led them to “smooch” one night.

Chirs did not see Fentress again for three years, but he felt something special about her from that moment. Speaking with Red Book, Chris opened up about how he and Caroline reconnected by saying:

“One night I was out with Andrew and said, ‘What is that little sister of yours up to? Let’s give her a call.’ So we did, and she was like, ‘Why are you calling me?’ I didn’t really know why, except that I had never forgotten her.”

He and Caroline dated for three years and got married in 1997. Chris was 26 when he married Caroline, who is a teacher. Ultimately it took him six years to be with the love of his life after setting eyes on her.

Although it may seem like he married way younger than most guys, Chris felt like he was at the right place in his life. He made it known that when he became a married man, his career was blossoming better than ever.

Chris had two options: to either get married and start a family or put a hold on it and continue his career. The actor noted that if he had taken the big Hollywood opportunities, he would not have married Caroline, and he could not imagine not marrying her.

Chris as a Family Man

Caroline was also present for the Red Book interview, where she revealed that Chris has always been the leading guy in her love life. And after he transitioned into fatherhood, he only became more attractive.

The 52-year-old actor comes from a big family, and this might have been his cue to create a big family for himself. Chris and Caroline are parents to five children, and while it is adorable, things could get pretty erratic.

The actor shared how he and Caroline navigated family life by sharing the responsibilities without an extra hand. However, when it came time for family vacations, the couple got a babysitter.

Amid their careers and handling their big family, the award-winning actor and his wife managed to carve out couple-time, and Chris shared that their time was after 8 pm when the kids were in bed.

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” star thoughtfully noted that he aspired to lead and teach by example as a father. He stated that he learned to be hardworking by watching his father, and he intended to apply that method to his children.

Who Are the Couple’s Kids?

Chris and Caroline’s kids are way past their formative years, and according to their dad, an adorable part of being grown-ups is how they look out for each other.

The O’Donnell kids do not seem inclined towards careers in the spotlight as not much of them is seen by the paparazzi. But Chris’ kids do get their moments sometimes when paparazzi catch up, and they do not shy away.

The couple’s oldest child, Lily, was born in 1999, while her immediate younger sibling, Christopher Eugene, joined the family the following year. Chirs had two more sons, Charles and Finley, in 2003 and 2006.

The youngest child, Maeve, was born in 2007, but before her birth, Chris and his wife thought they needed another baby girl in the family. Her dad’s publicist announced Maeve’s birth, letting fans know mother and child were doing great.

Chris has learned about fatherhood that patience with his kids is important. Being a short-fused person, staying in the now is a big deal to Chris. He and Caroline have also maintained their marriage because of their shared moral values.