Coach sees 9-year-old gymnast headed for potential disaster in landing and catches her midair


Athletes can make their sport look so easy.Whenever we see highlights or watch sporting events, we get to be treated to the feat of the human body.We see them move in ways and heights we never thought were possible.And sometimes there are mishaps.But behind their maneuvers, whether it’s spinning in mid-air, a snappy crossover, or jumping wide distances, we never see the sheer physicality and the risks involved.

Most of the time, these moves are so dangerous that they can end an athletic career.A video became viral when a 9-year-old gymnast’s dreams were almost shattered to pieces.Thankfully, her coach had her back.The video showed young gymnast Cherrish Remy barreling straight down to a vault. Her sprint was perfect – the steps were firm and her body was well postured.

At first, you wouldn’t think that a disaster was about to happen. Then, she launched from the springboard at the end of the path and flipped mid-air.

It was all good and expected but then, she missed one of the most difficult parts of a routine.

The landing.

As Remy was landing on a vault over four feet tall, she planted her feet right on the edge of the foams.

Only one foot made it to the vault and as she tilted sideways for the fall, a man from off the frame charged toward Remy.

Coach was about to save the day.
Remy’s mother gasped loudly as her daughter fell. Fortunately, her coach caught her just in the nick of time and set her safely onto the vault.

Chad Buczek said he felt something wasn’t right. He explained to MassLive that athletes can be thrown off even with the slightest arrangements of their facilities.

He also mentioned that as they were warming up, he felt that Remy was “a little bit frazzled” by the environment.

As Remy was getting ready for her routine, Buczek just felt that he needed to stand beside the judges, a stop right next to the vault.

Remy didn’t know what happened.
As her body entered muscle focus and memory mode, all she was attuned to was making sure her body moves right.

It was only when she found herself sitting on the vault that she realized what just happened.

Her mother was terrified but was also relieved that her coach had quick reflexes.

Buczek has caught Remy before.
The young gymnast said that it was a maneuver that she did almost every day.

As such, she didn’t expect things to go sideways, and even if they did, Buczek was always close by.

Her fall could’ve resulted in injuries that could range from minor to even career-ending. Fortunately for Remy, she emerged from the accident unscathed.

Her coach is a hero.

The two have been working together for the last seven years which would’ve made it easier for Buczek to notice if anything was slightly off with the athlete.

And when he did, he didn’t even think and just jumped to her rescue.

Chad Buczek runs the Metro South Gymnastics Academy.

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