Compassionate Cowboy Saves Loving Highland Cow And It Changes The Course Of His Life


Many of us only ever come to know the inseparable bond we develop with our furry friends that are dogs or cats. However, farmers all over the world that tend to those larger animals and all their specific needs develop just the same inseparable bonds.Take Marc for example who owns two very large cattle weighing over 1,000 pounds and shows the internet a side that we would never expect.

Hamish and Kyloe are actually quite sweet and rather gentle giants.Although he has a variety of special livestock, two furry friends have stolen a piece of his heart.Hamish lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia on Thistle Do Farm. He resides there with his brother Kyloe, three horses named Shiloh, Hopi, and Ripley, a goat named Roger, a chicken named Whisky, two pigs named Siggy and Miss Ginny, and a dog named Ace.

But on this farm, Marc has an extra sweet spot for his gentle giants Hamish and Kyloe who are incredibly sweet.

Since the day Hamish came to the farm he and Marc were best friends.

March adopted Hamish when he was 10-months-old when his prior owner and a local farmer decided it was time to retire from raising Highland cattle. Hamish and Marc were inseparable from the day he arrived at the farm, however, Hamish was the only Highland cow on the farm.

When he was a little over three years old they write on their website that he started to adventure off into the night searching for someone to play with and keep him company. Which was the moment the farm started looking into adding another gentle giant to the livestock.

Hamish is now 9 years old and currently weighs 2,000 pounds!

When Kyloe came to the farm he found himself a big brother in Hamish.
So Thistle Do Farm welcomed their second Scottish Highland steer named Kyloe. Only a few months younger than Hamish and are currently both 9 years old. However, Kyloe was born the runt so he is much smaller than Hamish.

Being the runt in any group can cause some problems and for others to pick on them. For Kyloe at his first home cows picked on him and even pushed his hay or feet. Good thing he now has a big brother to protect him at all times.

When he was Thistle Do Farm went to pick up Kyloe he only weighed about 250 pounds. Compared to now years later happy and healthy he weighs 1,100 pounds.

Thistle Do Farm is a safe haven for these animals to live out their lives happy, healthy, and loved.
Marc, Hamish, and Kyloe have, over time, formed a special bond as they spend a lot of time together. On Marc’s farm, these animals know they have found a home where they are free, feel safe, loved, and just live out a life that is happy and healthy.

These animals have made such an impact on Marc that he has started the process of turning his farm into a nonprofit organization. He and his team hope to be able to transform his 15-acre land into a safe haven sanctuary for any unwanted, injured, or sick animals.

Unfortunately, has halted the plans they have hope things will work out in the end. They even have a Gofundme to accept donations as they try to continue their work in the midst of tough times. They write,

“Our mission is to provide a life sanctuary for farm animals who may be injured, sick, or like Kyloe was, simply born small and sickly.
Whether its a rabbit, pig, goat, cow or any other farm animal, our goal is to give them a place they can call home without the worry of being slaughtered simply because they are no longer wanted. To give them a place they can live out the rest of their natural lives with love and affection.”

Use their safe haven not only to rescue but to educate and grow the community around them.
Not only do they want to work on creating a safe haven for animals but a farm that welcomes the general public to show and educate on how to properly care for a pet no matter the size, as well as, show that you need to understand the needs of that specific pet.

They hope to show this will make others more aware of what it is to be responsible for life even if it is just a pet. But the farm doesn’t stop there they write,

“To assist animal owners in finding solutions to behavior issues or other concerns that may cause the owner to later reject that animal. To serve as a central location for local rescue groups to host adoption days, rabies clinics, and guest speakers on topics such as animal husbandry, farm management, veterinary care and the handling of livestock or the training of companion animals.”

Thistle Do Farm’s journey is only just beginning.
Hamish, Kyloe, and their loving owner Marc have come a long way we wish them the best in their continued journey to transforming their farm into a sanctuary.

To keep up with Thistle Do Farm and follow their journey be sure to check on their social media pages below.

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