Cops save the day after boy doesn’t have kids attend birthday party


When 3-year-old Brayden’s mom, Terra Hubbard, was sending out 60 to 80 birthday party invitations, she was convinced it was going to be a day to remember for her son.She imagined kids running and playing around the house, lots of presents for her little one, and a special moment when Brayden surrounded by his friends would blow out the candles on his birthday cake.

However, the night before the party, one after another, the parents started sending Terra messages about “something having come up” meaning they couldn’t make it to the party.The mother was devastated. She felt that all of her plans for her son’s special day were just crumbling.

She even considered canceling the whole thing.

But, finally, she decided to go on with the party no matter how many people would end up coming. She still had invited family, so there would be at least some people to celebrate Brayden’s birthday and make him feel happy on that day.

Deep inside, she believed that people refused to go to the party because her son is autistic. But she also felt that all the cancelations should not get them down.

After all, she had already set up all the decorations for the next day’s celebration. And she was going to stick with that.
The next day, and as family started gathering for Brayden’s party, a police officer arrived at the Hubbards’ front door.

It was Capt. Matt Hofer, a 17-year veteran of the Yukon police. The local police department had received a call earlier in which an unknown woman told them about Brayden’s party.
The police, who take pride in being community-oriented, decided to go see what was going on. Indeed, when they realized that it was actually a toddler’s party, they asked if they could stay for a while and celebrate with them.

The family was more than happy to have the officers around. Even Brayden, who was shy at first, started opening up when he saw the patrol cars in front of his house.

Since Brayden loves the “Cars” movie and everything car-related, he couldn’t resist taking a look at the police cruisers.

Some of the officers actually invited him into a patrol car and even put him in the driver’s seat.

The little boy couldn’t hide his excitement about all the buttons the car featured and the sounds it kept making.

It was undoubtedly one of the best days of his life!
Brayden’s mom was moved by the officers’ act of kindness, and she couldn’t hold back her tears watching her son interacting with so many new people.

She was so grateful to those officers who appeared out of the blue and totally made their day.

“They have done something that will be with me for the rest of my life,” she told CNN. “Something I can talk to my son about the rest of his life.”


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