Couple celebrate 50 years of marriage with “ambush” makeovers


We’ve all heard the term “soul mate.”These two are the personification of the saying.After five decades of marriage, this couple agreed to have flash makeovers, and when it was all said and done they couldn’t be recognized.The TODAY show gave these high-school-sweethearts a makeover after 49 years together, and their reactions were priceless.

Kevin and Jo Taylor met in high school.They were the tender ages of 14 and 16, from then on they were inseparable.Building a life together, the Taylors have five kids, fourteen grandkids, and twelve great-grandchildren.The TODAY show decided to pick a long-married couple for a random “ambush makeover,” in which they picked the Taylors.

The couple instantly accepted their offer, having no idea what to expect on national television.

The Taylors couldn’t believe they were picked by the TODAY show but accepted the makeovers with a smile.

The Taylors are about as laid back as married couples come, and had no qualms about interjecting a little bit of random fun into the mix.

Kevin spoke on his long beard saying:

“I won a beard contest once, but I rode the Harley to the contest and whiskers were standing out like this,” his wife Jo went on to say: “I’ve been trying for 20 years to get him to trim it, and he won’t do it…Sometimes you need a change, especially when you’ve been married 49 years.”

When Jo struts onto the stage, she’s almost unrecognizable, but just wait until you see Kevin.

Jo is already a beautiful lady.
So after the stylists and makeup artist get done with her she’s absolutely stunning.

To make it even better, Kevin has no idea what she looks like yet but he is in for the surprise of his life.

“I look absolutely gorgeous,” Jo says almost in tears.

No one can believe their eyes when Kevin comes out.

The beard is almost completely gone.
Jo stands with her back facing Kevin so they don’t ruin the surprise, while he strolls onto the stage with a dozen roses in hand.

On a count to three, she turns around to see her new and improved husband for the first time since the makeover. Grabbing her cheeks in disbelief, Jo yells:

“Who are you? I can’t believe it! Oh my gosh, you are so handsome.”

It’s all smiles from the Taylors.
Kevin can’t even believe he’s looking at himself when looking in the onstage mirror.

It’s no question that the TODAY stylists did a fabulous job, and you can tell by the Taylors’ reaction they feel exactly the same way.

Not only is Kevin’s long beard gone, but they also colored it so it’s not white anymore.

The ambush makeover team headed by Louis Licari, and Jill Martin, explains everything they did at the end and boy is it a lot!

No wonder they look so darn good.

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