Couple Combine Two Tiny Homes With A Big Porch To Make The Home Of Their Dreams


We strive to build the home of our dreams.From saving money to planning its overall design. We want to be as hands-on as possible because it feels a tad bit sweeter if it comes from our hard work. You’ll find that this is a typical story for people who opt to go tiny.This couple built their first tiny house until it slowly became the house they dreamed of.

Lauren and Patrick first built a tiny house that they bought from Tumbleweed Tiny Homes. It was already a framed structure with all the sheeting done for them. They worked on its interior and overall design for around four months.It was easy for the couple to travel since they got a mobile home.

However, they realized that they finally wanted to settle after moving around for a year and a half. They saw a lot in Bellevue, Colorado, on top of the mountain and facing a really stunning view.

However, something unfortunate happened to their tiny home.

As they were about to drive uphill to their new property, the road was very steep and bumpy. The trailer hitched and rolled back behind them. It was devastating. While it was salvageable enough, it took the couple a long time to get a move on renovating their home.

After a year, they worked on it and made improvements in their living space.

The most significant difference to their new setup is that they bought another structure from a local maker of sheds. It gave them additional space and extra comfort in their tiny living.

Their main tiny house features a full-sized kitchen.

Lauren and Patrick wanted to stretch out the counter for more space and some storage underneath. The remaining counter space serves as a dining or working area.

Another thing that they changed from their old layout was getting to their loft spaces.

They used to have a staircase which also provided them with some storage. However, it took up a lot of floor space with so little room to walk around. So, they installed a removable ladder this time so they could access both their storage and bedroom.

The couple also decided to expand their bathroom.

Now that they had more space, they made sure that they had a bigger shower area this time. They also changed their toilet to an ordinary one now that they have a septic system installed.

Their other tiny shelter gave them additional room and storage.

They created a separate storage for all their utilities – from the propane tank to their water heater. The other tiny house also serves as their living area where they can relax. But the one thing they’re happy to have in this extra space was a washer-dryer.

The best thing about settling down in this lot is the deck space they now have.

The deck features a comfortable seating for an outdoor theater. It’s perfect for summer nights so that they can enjoy the outdoors with their family and friends.

Plus, the view around them makes the outside deck an ideal spot to witness the beauty of nature around them.

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