Couple comes to the rescue of 3 brothers in foster care and adopts them together


When a few years ago Hollie and Bryan Schroers took in three little brothers, they had no idea that only a while later they would become permanent members of the family.Wesley, Brody, and Bryson had been in the foster system for about four years, and at some point, the time came when they needed emergency placement in a foster home.

Sadly, that emergency placement could mean that the brothers would be separated, but- lucky them- that’s when a family came into play determined to adopt all three of them.If you guessed that the family was the Schroers, that’s right. Indeed, the couple decided to adopt all the brothers at once and add three new members to the family in order to make sure that they would all grow up together.

“It’s just a big day — almost like a wedding — taking on some new people, making a whole new family,” Hollie Schroers told WCPO 9. “We already had four, three more and maybe another here soon.”

As the mother explained, the children had been through a lot, so they needed to feel safe and know that they had a family ready to support them every step of the way.
“They’ve had a lot happen to them,” Hollie Schroers told WCPO 9. “So they finally get that, ‘We’re permanently here and nobody can take us away anymore.’”

On the day the adoption became official, the whole family was sporting Superman T-shirts, while the three boys wore capes that read “Even Superman was adopted”!

But besides the family, several people in the courtroom wore superhero costumes, which made the day even more special for the three brothers that had just found their forever home.

The boys were excited and they could hardly put into words how blessed they were feeling.
“It’s really nice to actually be adopted,” one of the brothers said, while another one added that: “Finally we’re going to live with a family”.

Indeed, the word “finally” shows how much the boys needed to be placed with a family and never leave again.

After all, all the process of going from house to house that foster care involves is what has the most impact on children.
Studies show that children in foster care often feel unwanted, helpless, and insecure, especially if they go through many changes in foster parents over time.

But, thankfully, some of them are lucky enough to find a forever home, a family that cares about them so much that they want to be their official home permanently.

Just like Wesley, Brody, and Bryson, who saw their “happily ever after” being signed by the Schroers family.
As the news source reported, after the adoption was completed, the family headed to Flipdaddy’s and Build-A-Bear in order for the boys to “mark the day by ‘adopting’ a bear of their own.”

What a heartwarming story. Let’s hope that the large family will share many happy moments together. And according to WLWT, the family did in fact end up adopting another little boy as well!


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