Couple in their 90s say ‘I do’ and prove there’s no age limit for falling in love


It can be hard to find peace and contentment when everyone around you seems to be on the same path and following the same timeline. It’s been said repeatedly, but it’s worth emphasizing: you don’t have to do what everyone is doing; you don’t need to go at the same pace.Things will fall into place for you at the right time.

What makes this difficult to accept are the impossible standards set by society and the pressure we unintentionally welcome when we participate in conversations that revolve around marriage, financial security, etc. Relationships are always a hot topic. When everyone finds love and settles down, it highlights your singlehood and triggers questions like “Will I ever find the right partner to build a home with?” or “Am I searching for love in all the wrong places?”

Don’t fret. When it’s right and genuinely meant to be, it will happen, and you’ll wonder why you ever thought of rushing it or even closing your doors to it. So if you’re single and somehow affected by how others around you are going about life with their partners, remind yourself that it’s imperative to love and take care of yourself first.

To assure you that love and timing do not go hand in hand with pressure and unrealistic expectations, here’s the incredible story of a couple in their 90s who decided to tie the knot.
(Yes, 90s!)

97-year-old Carl Hammer and 95-year-old Reva Truitt met at The Village at Heritage Park Senior Living Community. Both are widowed, but they have been married for over 70 years. They live two doors apart in the senior community home, and it was Reva who first noticed Carl.

That’s when they began getting to know each other until they realized that frequently talking and spending time together gave them butterflies!

The happy groom shared with CBS 13,

“It happens; when two sparks fire, you got a bonfire, and that’s what we’ve got!”

The joy and laughter in Reva’s eyes as she chimed in to agree proves just how special the love between them is.

From their relationship stems quite a large family: Carl’s three children, seven grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren; Reva’s three children, nine grandchildren, and a few great-grandchildren. More is merrier with this kind of setup. All their loved ones were there to celebrate their union.

Though it wasn’t a legal ceremony, it was still enough to show the world that when love happens, there’s no letting it slip away, no matter the circumstances.

Carl and Reva make a winning combination! Carl is recognized for his award-winning jams, which he began teaching Reva how to make. With an estimated 1,500 jars sold yearly, Carl uses his profits to help low-income homeowners make home repairs possible.

The right love, the kind that’s pure and true, has a way of magically touching lives. Despite their old age, Carl and Reva prove that it’s never too late and that beautiful things happen when you give love a chance.

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