Couple transforms giant, old cargo boat into a beautiful modern home


We have all seen people transform various things into stunning homes. Some turn school buses into beautiful houses on wheels. Some turn old cars into tiny houses, too.Have you ever heard about a boat transformed into a home?This seems like a dream, but it came true for one couple.

They decided to turn their old boat into their own abode, and it worked out real fine.The couple in this unique home transformation story hails from France. Jérémie Malvy and his wife, Sara, live in Prais and they own an old cargo boat.They made the awesome decision of transforming their old boat into their now stunning place of residence.

They might be in the city, but living in their dream house by the waters of the city of love keeps them away from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

Jérémie and Sara named their amazing boathouse “Panjab”.

The boat’s name was taken from Jérémie’s hometown, Punjab, in Pakistan. Even though the couple lives in a watercraft, being inside the home does not feel like they are on the water at all.

Their boathouse feels very open, is full of wonderful plants, and has floor-to-ceiling windows that give them a perfect view of the city. Natural light comes in and shines across the home, making it look even more stunning than it already is.

Being closer to nature is the main concept behind the boathouse.
Jérémie and Sara love to be around nature and living in a boat house give them this luxury. Although Sara admits that there is also a downside to living in a boathouse docked on the Seine.

“It’s even it’s even problematic to be in such a boat because actually we don’t go outside anymore. We are forcing ourselves almost to go outside. Okay, I will go to a restaurant. But is it better than my place? No,” she shared.

Completing the floating house of their dreams was not a short wait, but being patient was all worth it.

The couple bought the boat for 11,000 euros and transformed it into the now stunning boathouse that it is. The floor-to-ceiling windows are massive and incredible.

Having a home on the river is not just a simple choice for the couple, especially for Jérémie. The man moved from Pakistan to France decades ago. While he was trying to learn the local language, he would usually talk to the river until he finally mastered it.

In those times, Jérémie had no home of his own and lived on the streets. He eventually made himself a good life by establishing a chain of successful organic grocery cooperatives and restaurants and met Sara.

Now that he has the resources, the man built the home of his dreams together with his beloved wife.

While the top portion of the boat house has massive windows, the bottom part is half submerged in water. This actually provides incredible insulation and nice acoustics, too.

The couple truly loves the river and even had a window installed wherein they can open such from time to time so they can touch the water.

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