Couple With 6 Kids Adopts 32 More To Add To Their Family


Taking care of one child alone is already a big responsibility.Once a child is born, a parent needs to constantly check on their welfare: food, sleep, and diapers. Add frequent check-ups and vaccinations to that. Indeed, being a parent is a full-time job.But can you imagine taking care of 38 children?

Yes, you read that right. The Briggs family is comprised of 38 children in their household. Jeane and Paul Briggs of West Virginia run a busy household every day. But despite that, everything is organized and orderly inside their loving home.The couple has six biological children and 32 adopted.

Out of that, there are 25 of them still living at home. The secret to keeping things organized is scheduling and planning their daily chores and dividing them among children.

Jeane creates a chart rotating the chores among the children.

Their main chores include preparing meals, setting the table, mopping the kitchen floor, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and more. You might think that the children complained about all those, but they were compliant with it.

The children accepted the fact that chores would be part of their household.

After all, it is not easy to live in a house full of kids. Plus, some of them have special needs, while quite a few are still too young to do the heavy work. Jeane and Paul needed the extra hand in keeping up with everything, but the children took their roles well.

Jeane was always into children.

In fact, she took Paul to one of her babysitting shifts to see how he fairs with handling children. It turned out that the two were a perfect match – and the rest was history.

The couple got married in 1976 and adopted their first child after they had three biological children.

It started with Jeane’s trip to Mexico when she saw a blind orphan. She told Paul all about it and thought it might be best to bring him home. Since then, they never looked back.

Each time they visit a country and see an abandoned or orphaned child, they pray for them.

They prayed for guidance if they were meant to take the child home. Then, they do so. They process everything and bring them in and provide for their basic needs.

But why do the Briggs continue to adopt that many children?

Jeane and Paul felt that they were allowed to give a child a better future. Most of the children they adopted would have died if they had left them behind since most of them needed medical attention.

These children are thankful to the couple for giving them a chance at a better life.

According to one of the adopted children, Joseph, having a family is different from being in an orphanage. They feel loved and cared for; they don’t have to worry about food, shelter, and other needs.

In the end, what mattered to the family was the love they had for each other.

“We love them, and they know we love them. I have no doubt even the ones who struggle know we love them,” Jeane told Inside Edition.

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