Cowboy On Horseback Stops Man In Walmart Parking Lot By Lassoing Him


There are three things in life you can bank on. First, cowboys really can do anything, second, you never know what you’ll see at Walmart, and third, fact is stranger than fiction. That point was proven not long ago when the most bizarre thing happened.And yes, it involved a cowboy.

And yes, the event took place at a Walmart. And yes, it was stranger than fiction.The man in this story is a bona fide cowboy. He’s not just someone who walks around wearing a hat and boots, which he does, but he has a working ranch complete with horses and cattle. This is the life he chose and the one he loves.

An expert at lassoing
Being a cowboy all his life, Robert Borba had to learn a lot of important skills. One of those was lassoing. On the ranch, he relies on accuracy every time he throws the rope.

But he used it for another purpose…
…one that’ll shock you. His day started out much like any other. He went to the Walmart store in Eagle Point, Oregon to pick up a few items. While in the parking lot, he suddenly heard a woman scream.

No hesitation
As a cowboy, Robert knows the importance of taking quick action when somethings wrong. Although he wasn’t on his ranch, he looked around to find the lady’s location. That’s when he spotted some guy on a bicycle flying past him.

A criminal act
He quickly realized the guy on the bike had stolen it from the woman and was fleeing the scene of the crime. Because he was moving so fast on the bike, there was no way to catch the thief by running after him. But Robert had an advantage … he rode his horse to Walmart.

Roped him like a steer
During his interview with a news station, Robert explained that he galloped after the guy. Then, just like he would a steer, he lifted his lasso and took aim. With years of experience, he had no problem lassoing the criminal, stopping him dead in his tracks.

Never a dull moment in the life of a dispatcher
Can you imagine receiving a phone call about a theft at Walmart only for the caller to say they roped him? But then saying they’d tied him to a tree had to be a first for the 911 dispatcher. Putting out a call to the officers led to some confusion … was this a real or prank call?

Officers respond
Getting the call about a man who roped a thief and tied him to the tree was just as confusing to the responding officer as it was the dispatcher. That’s not something you hear every day. But it was still the cop’s responsibility to head to the Walmart store.

He wasn’t kidding
Sure enough, when the officer arrived, he saw one man with a lasso going from his horse to another man’s ankle who was tied to a tree. That’s when he got the full story of what happened. The officer stated that he’d take this cowboy by his side any day.

One in a million
That’s probably the odds of this ever happening again. But if it does, hopefully, it’ll be in a place where Robert and his trusty horse are nearby. Not only did the woman get her bike back, but now, the police had a criminal in custody, all thanks to some fancy lassoing.

This is such a great tale, one that shows you never know when you can use a specific skill to help someone in need. The best part, some of this was videotaped…

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