Create a ‘mini moon garden’ with stones and super glue


Mugen Woong has always been fascinated with aquatic ecosystems.He explores streams, ponds, swamps, and wetlands and because of his exploration, he discovered something wonderful.The paludarium.According to him, “a paludarium is a semi-aquatic habitat, where land and water work together to create a natural environment.”

With a paludarium, you can add even more creatures than in an aquarium.Living art?Mugen Woong describes a paludarium as a living art.John Glaeser, a retired scenic designer now building customized aquariums and terrariums for almost 20 years, said the same thing.

“It’s a living art. It becomes an art piece that is very analogous to a garden,” John Glaeser excitedly explained to all visitors to his paludarium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. ““It provides a break, an opportunity to take a walk in your imagination. It gives a sense of discovery to the mind’s eye.”

And that’s how Mugen Woong sees his paludarium creations as well.

And this is one of his most recent creations, which has become his most watched and most famous creation yet.

His “mini-moon garden”

He started off gathering dragon stones.
He breaks apart the stones into the shapes of the pieces he needs.

Even before he creates, he already has a blueprint of what each part will look like since each part corresponds to the shape of the other.

Then he uses a wide and deep round container to create the base or foundation of the mini-moon garden.

He lined up the broken stone pieces inside by the sides of the container.

The assembly is simple.
He made sure each piece lined up perfectly beside each other so they can form a sturdy base.

Using cotton balls and super glue, he sticks the pieces to each other. Doing that in a container helps support the eventual shape of the base.

Because the base is on its side inside the container, there is time for the glue to dry and hold together the base.

Mugen Woong cuts up strips of microfiber cloth to place inside the crevices of the stone which will eventually become the bed of the soil, which will hold the moss.

Trees of roots
He also cuts up tree roots, which will eventually become a small tree in this mini-moon garden.

Inspired by a fantasy temple garden, he also included the structures including the temple and bridges.

And before he added the moss, he created a paste using aqua soil and water to hide the cloth and serve as the bed for the moss.

It’s coming together.

The result is an unbelievably beautiful mini-moss temple garden placed on a self-watering stand.

While he has posted dozens of videos on his terrariums and paludarium, this is the first video he’s posted that has reached more than a million views.

All that happened in a month.

He’s still shocked that this video has been watched that many times.

We’re not surprised because this mini-moon garden is just exceptionally beautiful.

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