Cute grandma cuts a rug with family while celebrating 105th birthday


Ms. Gussie recently celebrated her 105th birthday with her family, and she shared memories from her life, reminding us that the secret to living a long life has nothing to do with money and luxuries.You see, Ms Gussie grew up as a poor girl, who made a living by working on a farm in Greenville, North Carolina, just like her family did before her.

The woman remembers that her early years passed with her and her family picking up cotton and clearing weeds, and pulling corn.“In my lifetime, I worked hard on the farm,” she shared in an interview with WCNC News. “What I remember most is working on the farm picking cotton, pulling corn, and going to church.”

This is exactly what she believes contributed to her longevity. Hard work and faith in God.

Ms. Gussie was actually an active member in her local church back in the day, and she even became a prayer leader there, once she joined her church’s Women’s League.

The elderly lady turned 105 recently, and she celebrated her birthday with members of her family.
The lovely lady has three children, three grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren, so there were plenty of people who gathered to celebrate her special day.

Right next to her was her “baby” sister, who is 97 years old, proving that longevity simply runs in the family!

During the celebration, the host and her guests enjoyed themselves by singing, dancing, and eating. After all, Ms. Gussie has a sweet tooth, and she doesn’t even hide it.
“I was looking forward to having some cake,” she said, “and whatever other things they have to eat, but my biggest portion would be a piece of cake. And then, if I get a chance, when I go upstairs and everybody’s gone, I’ll come back and get another piece of cake.”

Speaking words of truth that remind us that living the good life is all that matters. It can even take you to 105 years!

According to Blue Zones author, Dan Buettner, there are nine tips to living a longer and better life.
Moving naturally is the first piece of advice. You don’t have to run marathons, but working around the house or cycling will do the job.

Another important factor that can help you live longer is knowing your purpose and having a reason to wake up in the morning.

Avoiding stress and doing stuff that helps you relax is also crucial, while eating less and cutting down on the meat you consume is also key.

When it comes to drinking, this should be in moderation, while faith and love should fill our lives.

Finally, staying social is also of paramount importance. Gatherings with friends and family will keep your brain active and will make you feel happy, thus enhancing longevity.

Cheers to Ms. Gussie and all the best to her!


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