Dad’s struggling with math problems on subway until kind passenger swoops in


You never know when you’re going to witness an act of kindness – especially one that’ll end up warming the hearts of people across the internet. The story below is a perfect example of how the world can be a beautiful place if you keep your eyes open.One day, Corey Simmons found himself on the subway with a folder in hand.

Denise Wilson was sitting right across from him and noticed that the man seemed a little bit confused with the math problems that were inside.“I am thinking he’s a teacher or going over work,” Denise told couple of minutes passed and she noticed another passenger offering to take a seat next to him.

It immediately became clear that the man wasn’t good at math at all, but wanted to learn fractions so he could teach his son.
The man’s son, Corey Junior, recently failed a test on fractions and was struggling with math in general. This father decided to freshen up his mathematical skills so he could help his little boy out.

It had been well over two decades since the 42-year-old man learned about fractions, so you could say he was a little bit rusty.

“I overheard the conversation and Corey saying that his son failed a math test and he was relearning math so he could help his son and that he hadn’t done fractions in years,” Denise said.

The Good Samaritan stayed on the subway for a while and helped Corey understand all the fraction problems. He even quizzed him a few times to make sure he could explain it to his son later.

Understandably, Denise couldn’t help but be touched by the scene. She told

“He was explaining to him the things he got wrong and breaking it down to him so he could get a better understanding. I had to capture that moment because it was too heartwarming. It was amazing to me.”

“I was like ‘wow’ because I feel like a lot of dads don’t get enough credit and in our community there is not a lot of active fathers and for him to make the effort to relearn math touched my heart,” she added.

Denise posted a picture of the two men on her Facebook page along with a message and it quickly went viral with over 155K shares.

In a follow-up post, she wrote:

“I really just wanted to shine light on hard working hands on fathers, they go unnoticed, I really want to let the active fathers out there know you’re more powerful than you may think you are. Also to shine light on our city NY is not what people make it seem to be, we really do care about each other, we really hold each other up.”

When the two men parted ways afterwards, Corey forgot to catch the retired teacher’s name. However, he’s hoping that someone can identify him so he can thank him once again.

“It’s been around thirty years I would say, since I did fractions,” Corey said to CBS New York. “It doesn’t matter if you fail, it’s what you do after you fail,” he said to his son.

“You need help sometimes, and you shouldn’t want to bite your tongue to not ask for help. So don’t feel shy to ask someone for help, it’s okay. I got a better understanding [of the math] and was able to relate it to my son.”

Corey admits that he won’t become a mathematical genius anytime soon, but he is looking to get his son tutoring to help out with some other math issues.

Life is full of different obstacles, so isn’t it touching when someone takes a moment to help a stranger? Kudos to the man on the train, and also to Corey for being such a wonderful father!

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