Darci Lynne sings without her puppet with a pure and captivating voice


You may remember Darci Lynne from America’s Got Talent Season 12 where she charmed audiences as a young ventriloquist!And while she still keeps her puppets around – and continues to tour with them – she’s all grown up and embarking on a singing career as well.In fact, her most recent video will likely hit 1 million YouTube views within a month of being posted.

A different kind of child star.After becoming the youngest contestant to ever win AGT, with the most-viewed final performance ever, Darci Lynne started touring in 2018.Considering ventriloquism is a bit of a lost art, it’s even more impressive that she sold out her family-friendly shows and toured again in 2019!

According to her website, Darci Lynne is both family-oriented and cutting-edge:

“Growing up in Oklahoma, Darci has always been close to her family and relies on their support and encouragement. In her younger years, Darci participated in talent-based pageants to overcome her shyness. She was soon introduced to the art of ventriloquism and decided to try it out for herself…Darci Lynne’s popularity on stage and TV has expanding onto the social media Scene. Her TikTok profile soared from 7K followers on Jan. 16th to an astounding 1M followers and 8.7M total likes in less than 2 weeks.”

An Oklahoma connection
Lately, Darci Lynne’s online videos are related to her singing career.

And she’s posted a beautiful duet with her fellow Oklahoma natives, the folk-rock band The Imaginaries, made up of husband and wife duo Shane Henry and Maggie McClure.


Their song, “Just Breathe,” is the official song from the movie A Cowgirl’s Song.

And the film also happens to star Darci Lynne in her acting debut!

The Imaginaries were involved in making the film and coordinating the 11-song soundtrack, according to The Oklahoman.

A hometown girl
Darci Lynne once dreamed of Hollywood, but now she’s seeing the beauty of sticking closer to home and all it has to offer – including some newfound glamour:

“It was very near and dear to my heart to have my very first movie filmed here because it’s something I was nervous for. But it just made the overall experience way more comfortable and easygoing and fun because the crew was a lot of Oklahoma-based people. So, it’s kind of like my people that I got to work with, so that’s been really special. And I hope to see more films coming here,” she told The Oklahoman.

While Darci Lynne might not be the main character, she does provide the main vocals for the movie’s theme song.

The video posted to YouTube features official footage from the film as well as instrumental backup by The Imagineers.

Fans were pleased to see she’s grown into a multifaceted performer:

“oh my…… just beautiful. She’s not just ” the puppet Girl” … what a voice! Love It Darci,” said a YouTube viewer.


A cowgirl’s song
It’s not hard to guess that the film involves some trials and tribulations if you listen to the song’s lyrics.

Oh I’ve been kicked down
I’ve been let down
Used to let fear strike me out
But now I’m stronger
Now I’ll conquer
Won’t be frozen any longer

And clearly, the cowgirl in question overcomes them!

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