Daughter Designs Amazing Elderly-Friendly Tiny Home For Mom Who Wants To Keep Her Independence


Merle moved back to Victoria, Australia where she can be close to her family. This elderly lady wanted to be with her loved ones while living in the comfort of her own private home.Her daughter, Ferne, a tiny house designer, rose to the challenge of creating a home for her aging mom.

She’s built many beautiful homes but this one was special. It’s mom’s.The stunning 23.5 x 8 ft home was designed to meet her aging mother’s needs. Wide entrances with ramps make the house super accessible and mobility-friendly for Merle.Even the kitchen countertops were built with Merle’s height in mind.

The design also took into account any changes that could arise with Merle’s age. The walls are reinforced for handrails in case Merle needed to hold on to something to maintain her balance.

Ferne’s design is beyond brilliant.
That beautiful patio could be dismantled should they choose to move or sell. But the beautiful farm provides such a lovely view that it’s hard to imagine they’d think of leaving.

Merle won’t ever get tired of that fantastic view.

Ferne also made sure that the roof and walls provided good insulation so winters wouldn’t be troublesome for her mother.

Screens were also installed to keep insects from entering. This is Australia after all. The main screen located at the entrance ramp is motorized. Merle only needs to push a button to raise or lower it.

Ferne let Merle choose the colors and designs for the interior so her mom could really feel that it was all hers. Her elderly mom decided to go for the timber look. It gives the home a more open space feel.

Underfloor heating was also installed as Ferne knew how important a feature it was for elderly people. Merle’s floor is flat and non-slip so she can walk and move about safely anywhere she needs to go.

A very cool feature is Merle’s bed. A push of a button will have her bed lifted to the ceiling during the daytime. The motor runs on a 12-volt battery with channels built on the wall.

Ferne built the cabinets into the walls, while drawers are located in practical, easy to reach spaces for Merle.

Merle finds her home easy to navigate even with a walker. Her bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are all within reach and she gets to where she wants to go with no stress. Important for her age.

According to Merle, the house is the best present her daughter has ever given her.

Ferne really did make her mom’s house her best work to date. The design is stunning. It’s so practical yet so eye-catching that her elderly mom can still move around in style.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part. Merle and Ferne are in agreement that everything is perfect.

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