Dog Steals Kitten From Hands Of Shelter Worker And Bring Him Back To Her Kennel


The staff at Pickens County Animal Shelter in Jasper, Georgia, was troubled when someone dropped off 3 newborn kittens without their mother. There was just one mama cat at the shelter, who had her hands full as she was nursing a huge litter of her own. But when a Beagle Mix named Mary learned about the situation, she couldn’t hold herself back!

Mary was also abandoned at the shelter with her own newborn litter because her owner didn’t want the “burden” of a big doggie family. To deal with her heartbreak, Mary devoted all her time to being the best mama to her 7 puppies.

So when Mary saw the 3 motherless kittens, she eagerly volunteered to foster the helpless trio!

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In this video, we see Mary being extremely vigilant as a shelter worker feeds the kittens one by one. The over-protective doggie mama makes sure her kittens are full, and then adorably snatches them away from the worker. She carries the kittens to her kennel and tucks them in with her napping puppies. Mary literally has a panic attack every time her kittens are not within her field of vision!

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With her earnest love, warmth, and kisses, Mary was brilliantly able to raise her 10 babies. The shelter has updated that the entire furry family has been adopted now! We are so proud of this exemplary mama dog. Dogs have such accepting and selfless hearts and it’s amazing how they can love without any boundaries!

Click the video below to watch Mary’s transcending love as she fosters the 3 vulnerable kittens.