Donkey with opera-singer’s voice ‘serenades’ man who brings her treats


One day, Martin Stanton went out for a walk near his home in Galway, Ireland. He passed by a farm and saw a cute donkey hanging by a fence.Stanton came over to say hello. He also gave her a treat, and just like that, they were friends.Over the next year, Martin visited Harriet frequently and gave her lots of good treats, including, carrots, ginger nut biscuits, and bread.

Stanton has also become friends with the donkey’s owner.He learned that the donkey’s name is Harriet and that she’s as sweet as can be. She loves meeting new people, and she’s especially happy if they bring her treats!“I’m an animal lover,” Stanton told The Dodo. “I saw her, so the next day I brought her carrots.”

Stanton also met Harriet’s boyfriend, Declan, and their baby Bobbi.
The little family all love each other, and they all enjoy spending time with Stanton.

“Oh, she’s so spoilt,” Stanton said. “I’ve been visiting her for over a year now and I always bring her treats!”

One October day, Stanton was visiting Harriet like usual.
After she ate her treat, she opened her mouth and started making noises. Stanton thought she was going to begin braying, but that wasn’t what happened.

Instead of braying like an average donkey, Harriet began singing in a high-pitched voice. She sounded just like an opera singer!

Harriet only sang for Stanton for a few seconds—after all, she doesn’t want to strain her voice. After she finished singing, she made sure to take a little bow.

“That was the first time I’ve heard her sing,” Stanton said. “I couldn’t stop laughing. She’s totally adorable. So friendly and gentle.”

Stanton was amazed by Harriet’s voice.
He shared a video of her singing to the Facebook group ‘Ireland from the Roadside.’ This group shares incredible photos and videos from around Ireland—and the video of Harriet singing is definitely something incredible!

“She could never make the donkey noise as such – the hee haw. She would be trying to do it, and nothing would come out,” Martin told the BBC.

Harriet is clearly a unique donkey, and she now has fans from all over the world. People flocked to the comments section of Harriet’s YouTube video to share their love for the donkey.

“Harriet, may you live a long life with a song always in your heart!” wrote one commenter.

Another jokingly said: “I am hoping all three chairs turn around for this one.”

Harriet is such a sweetheart, and it’s so adorable to hear her voice. It truly is one-of-a-kind. After all, it’s not every day you come across a singing donkey!

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