Driver delivers to lady with sick hubby then ‘voice’ keeps telling her to go back to the house


There are just moments in our lives when we are compelled to take action.To the devout ones, they describe this urge as a divine voice compelling them to do service for others. Maybe this is why it’s named “a calling”.A FedEx driver had this kind of experience when she felt God was asking her to be the voice of kindness and compassion.

Her story has since resonated with a lot of people and hailed her as a hero.Amanda Riggan was doing her usual rounds when she encountered a lady.The full-time FedEx driver from South Carolina was driving through her route when a woman shared with her a burden she was carrying.

Her husband has cancer. Knowing that the woman just needs a person to listen to her, Riggan stayed a bit and did some small talk.

After leaving, Riggan felt a nagging feeling to stop driving.
“I drove off, my heart’s pounding. I do probably 20 more stops, and I have to go back,” Riggan shared in a video on Facebook. She then contemplated a bit on what to do, then decided to listen to the voice inside her heart.

She said that she stopped what she was doing and went back to the neighborhood she just left. She drove up to the woman’s house and rang her doorbell.

The woman came down with tears streaming from her eyes.
“When she saw it was me, she smiled.” She said in the video. She added that the woman smiled when she recognized her.

Riggan then prayed with the woman as she broke down in tears. It was a moment of shared pain, compassion, and mutual understanding. Through her actions, Riggan made the woman feel that she was not alone.

“She came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight, this lady I’ve never met,” Riggan said in the video, “and I prayed for her and her family – for her husband.”

The video has since become viral.
As of posting, the clip has over 100,000 engagements and was shared for almost half a million times. She said that she used the moment to share her journey with God.

“I pray every day for the Lord to use me,” Riggan said. Then, she said that the tugs in our heartstrings are divine voices that we need to listen to. When these feelings emerge, she said to stop whatever you’re doing and do what your heart is telling you.

“I had a hundred stops, I easily could’ve just gone the rest of my day thinking about it.” She added. “Stop and do it.”

Riggan was also known as a community worker.
She coaches a sporting team, works with the Board of Disabilities and an Assisted Living Community, and is the founder of Hungry Heroes.

Hungry Heroes is a nonprofit organization that feeds first responders around the country. It was her and her community’s way of showing support to these “everyday heroes”.

Watch how this FedEx driver made a woman cry when she returned to her porch.
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