Due To A Stranger’s Willingness To Transport The Puppy 500 Miles, A Woman Is Reunited With Her Missing Dog


The microchip accomplished what it was supposed to do, but Stacey Staton Elam was unable to reach Chris, her beloved. Holly Stahl responded at that time.Using a microchip, a team effort, and a stranger willing to travel great distances, this black poodle mix was able to find his mother again.

According to The News & Observer, Little Chris escaped his home in north Alabama back in February after getting off of his leash while out for a walk in Hayden. A month later, in Pender County, North Carolina, which is 500 miles to the east, he was discovered.

Chris, who was given his name in honor of owner Stacey Staton Elam’s late husband, isn’t sure how he managed to travel that far in such a short period of time, but the tale didn’t end when he arrived at the Pender County Animal Shelter. Elam’s email address had been located by the animal shelter using Chris’s microchip, but she was unable to contact him.

Elam told the newspaper, “I’m on disability, so (there was) no way I could get to North Carolina. Holly Stahl stepped in to assist at that point. After receiving a request for help on Facebook,

Stahl dressed up Chris, who was at the time scruffy and drove him the nine hours to Elam. Stahl stated on Facebook, “I could not allow them to be apart any longer and made the trek to Alabama. I’m grateful to have been able to assist; seeing them together was so lovely!”

Elam told The News & Observer, “When Holly arrived and Chris leaped into my arms, it was as if we had never been separated. I was quite happy. ”

Chris had supported her at ‘the most awful’ period following Elam’s husband’s death, so losing him had been difficult. When her husband ran away, she felt as though she’d lost a connection with him. It was appropriate that she met up with her dog on the day that would have been her wedding anniversary.

She told the publication, “I know my husband Chris had a hand in all of this. If her experience wasn’t motivational enough, she also urged all pet owners to have their animals microchipped. She should be listened to! Maintain the accuracy of their information as well.