Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gifts cousin a new house and car in sweet video


From college football player to WWE wrestler then big-screen actor, Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock has never hidden his humble upbringing from the public and his legion of adoring fans.With that bright, gleaming smile, his transition from WWE on TV to the movie theaters was smooth and easy.

So many fans flocked to support him in the wrestling ring and even more fans popped up when he switched to making movies.He’s loved all around.Johnson actually traveled quite a bit growing up, following his dad around on the pro-wrestling circuit.

The Rock also found himself in and out of several schools not just due to traveling with his family, but due to disciplinary actions he faced.

His television show “Young Rock” shares the ups and downs of growing up as The Rock.

It also gives his fans a fantastic glimpse at the life experiences that shaped him into the superstar he is today.

Who he is is awesome.

The Rock’s adoring fans testify that even when he’s off-camera, The Rock seems incredibly genuine and honest.

Videos of him singing Moana songs with his daughters, brushing their hair, and dancing with them make the monstrously sized man even more endearing.

In fact, the videos he shares on social media reveal a down-to-earth man intently focused on his health and the happiness of others.

He puts his money where his mouth is.
With his philanthropic soul, The Rock has been known to make sizable donations to causes near and dear to him.

But the latest act of kindness he showered on a loved one has everyone oohing and aahing over the giant man’s sweetness.

In fact, the last round of gifts he bestowed upon family members stunned his mom and cousin.

The “Black Adam” actor recently surprised his mom with a new car.

Her reaction was beautiful.

The latest gift he gave was to his pro wrestler cousin Sarona Snukawwe, who he rendered speechless with his present of a new home, followed by a second equally shocking gift.

In a video posted on Instagram, Johnson shared how he and his cousin grew up together and were tight-knit.

He wanted to show her love.

She had faced some pretty tough periods throughout her life but never let those experiences deter her from changing her path; they never slowed her down or dimmed her spark for success.

When she became a single mom, his cousin Sarona worked even harder to become stronger and an inspiration to her daughters Milaneta and Maleata.

“It’s so damn hard to make it as a pro wrestler. And it’s even way harder to make it if you’re a woman. Sarona (like many amazing women in pro wrestling) made her mind up long ago that she was gonna walk the walk and earn her respect in pro wrestling and make sure that the hard times she’s experienced were always her REASON to WORK HARDER and never let it become the EXCUSE to GIVE UP…” (sic),” The Rock posted.

As he led his cousin through the door of her new home in the video, her eyes closed so as not to ruin the surprise, then he broke the news to her. This tough female pro wrestler couldn’t hold back the tears.

“Hard to explain these emotions for all of us as I led @saronasnukawwe thru her new door. This one felt good. Surprise cuz — enjoy your new home!!” The Rock posted.

But The Rock wasn’t done just yet. He and her two daughters surprised Sarona with her very own new vehicle.

“Man this was just awesome – you can feel the mana!! Enjoy your new ride! My cousin, Sarona is the real deal example of humility, hard work, breaking the cycle and overcoming the odds. Life as a pro wrestler is very hard. It can be very rewarding, but it can also tax your soul. Life as a female pro wrestler and being a single mom, trying your best to raise two daughters while being on the road, all year around – FOR YEARS… That life is very, very hard. I salute you cuz (and all the women wrestlers living the grind). And that’s why you’ll always see and hear me say, how proud we are of her,” The Rock posted.

The girls were thrilled to be a part of their mom’s big day.

This is just yet another kindhearted and incredibly compassionate gesture from The Rock, whose heart seems to be even bigger than he is.

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