Employment Lawyer Warns: “Your Coworkers Are Not Your Family. Your Boss Is Not Your Friend.”


When it comes to having a stable income, finding a good job and a great working environment is one of the most certain ways of maintaining a steady flow of funds.Employment can come in different forms and not all companies are created equal.There are employees who are blessed to have a great work culture and camaraderie on top of a good pay monthly, but there are also unfortunate employees who have stumbled into a good company with bad management.

People with the worst of luck would stumble into a bad company with even worse management, but there is no choice left other than to stay because of the need for cash. It does not always work out for all people, but if you have good employment together with a great boss, then you are quite the lucky one.

However, one employer attorney has recently posted on TikTok and warned people of one thing that most of us won’t believe at first. Her video was short but straight to her point.

TikTok user and employment attorney Delyanne warned the public that they should not let their bosses think that they are family.

“I’m going to say this for your own good, your coworkers are not your family, your boss is not your friend, and your company is not your community or your tribe,” the woman said.

She warns people about these because of her experience as an employment lawyer. In her opinion, when a person is too attached with the co-workers or the boss, there is a high chance that a person will be taken advantage of.

According to her, it becomes easier for the boss or colleagues to do things for their own leverage at the expense of their employee or coworker if this person is being too kind or attached.

Her experience as an employment attorney made her voice out her thoughts to the public.

“I worked as an employment attorney for 14 years and I saw very loyal employees be treated like garbage when [expletive] hit the fan,” Delyanne shared further.

Being too close like a family can mean giving out too much trust to the employers, which can lead to being trapped in a job where you don’t want to stay but are staying because of the connections and bonds made. Keeping a wall of professionalism is something that would help in order to separate work from other things, making it easier to leave if the company is not helping a person grow anymore.

She also posted a separate video where she mentioned that this warning also applies just as much to the company’s human resources department.

Delyanne believes strongly in this point of view, backed up by her first-hand experience as an employment attorney. In view of this, she has created a dedicated channel on TikTok where she gives investment advice.

She has uploaded various videos wherein she shares her knowledge about investing and other employment-related topics where she hopes to give enlightenment to the public. She is keen on inspiring people to build that “FU” Fund.

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