Family Designs A Custom Aquarium For Their Cat Who Loves Watching Fish


For better or worse, scuba diving with cats isn’t something that ever really caught on. But thanks to a little ingenuity on the part of his parents, this fish-loving cat named Jasper is getting to experience the next closest thing.And the best part of all? He doesn’t even have to get wet.

Up until recently, if Jasper wanted to gaze in on his colorfully scaly siblings at home, he’d have to sit and watch from outside their fish tank — hardly an immersive experience.But then Jasper’s family had an idea.They ordered a custom aquarium to be made with an underwater nook at the bottom so that Jasper could get a 360 degree view of all his fish friends.

Fortunately, the fish in the tank don’t really seem to mind Jasper peering in on them from within the custom tank.

But Jasper clearly loves it.

Jasper’s family didn’t have to go to the trouble of ordering a special aquarium tank just for his enjoyment, but seeing him enjoy the underwater world certainly must make it all worthwhile.